IV Vitamin Therapy and Athletic Performance

Sports fans are witnessing record-breaking performances being achieved day in and day out across the world. From Stephan Curry, one of the best shooters to step onto a basketball court or Cam Newton, the most multi-dimensional QB in the game, to Michael Phelps winning 12 Gold medals, athletes have risen in this modern era to make the game more fun and exciting. They express their personalities and hard work every night to show the world their full human capabilities. These great achievements are the direct result of the highest levels of competition, however, increased competition comes with an increased demand for athletes’ bodies to perform. Sports Science has risen from this intense physical demand to show the exceptional capabilities that these athletes possess and work to continuously optimize their performance. But how do we support them biochemically, physiologically, and physically to ensure continued success?


Here are 3 modalities to increase athletic performance in sports!

- IV Vitamin Therapy

- Prolotherapy/PRP

- Naturopathic Medicine


- IV Vitamin Therapy -

Athletes use tremendous amounts of nutrients and amino acids to achieve optimal levels of performance. They constantly push their bodies to the limit while exhausting metabolic functions, energy production, protein synthesis and regenerative capabilities. Basic athletic performance science can determine how adaptable the body is during demanding, top level performances; with details surrounding the break down of lactic acid proteins, regeneration of muscle tissue, and regulation of the krebs cycle to produce more energy. All of these metabolic processes require essential nutrients to function properly and efficiently. For example, mitochondria have the ability to produce higher amounts of ATP with the introduction of basic nutrients such as B-vitamins, magnesium, CoQ10, and L-carnitine to support energy metabolism. These enzymatic processes are used and abused by athletes because of high physical demand and replenishing these nutrients is essential for athletes to optimize their performance. A great option for replenishment is the introduction of IV Vitamin Therapy due to its fast, 100% absorption and saturation of cells. IV nutrition is not only the quickest absorption method, but also bypasses the liver and gastrointestinal function that break down these nutrients to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

The creation of Cross Fit and UFC has hurled intense athletic performance into the mainstream of modern society. Individuals are increasingly becoming more athletic and putting an even greater amount of stress on their bodies. These new trends are AWESOME, but with anything in life, balance is necessary. One great lesson I have learned is that the body does not heal completely, to 100%. The body’s healing mechanism closely resembles a patch and repair method. It is imperative that we give our bodies extra support to function and perform at the highest capabilities. IV infusion therapy is a great option because it benefits not only top tier athletes, but also everyday fitness enthusiasts wishing to improve their optimal self.


You are an athlete too! IV therapy not only replenishes cellular health, but also prevents cardiovascular disease, metabolic diseases such as diabetes, neurological disease, and cancers. This is accomplished by properly providing our cells with essential nutrients to fight off antigens (infections), improve DNA transcription (gene therapy), and ramp up detoxification by stimulating anti-oxidant production. 


Athletes are constantly reading and educating themselves on nutrition, wellness, and fitness because they strive to understand how the body works and how to optimize its performance everyday. IV Vitamin Therapy is a new, modern technique that introduces high quality nutrients directly into the bloodstream with 100% absorption and exceptional results. In addition to IV Vitamin Therapy, LIVV Natural Health provides services such as micronutrient testing, metabolic testing, neurotransmitter testing, and comprehensive blood analysis to establish an important and informative baseline for patients.


Modern day science has helped us understand the body and how to educate our society about their health and wellness. At LIVV Natural, our staff is also well trained in regenerative injections such as prolotherapy and platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections, as well as stem cell injection therapy. Being an athlete comes with the dangers of injuries and dysfunction. Let LIVV Natural aid in the healing process through regenerative injections to get athletes back on the field or court as quickly as possible. Learn more about LIVV Natural at livvnatural.com!


Jason Phan