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Cbg Oil Ratings

The hemp and cannabis industry has turned the world of medicine upside down. Every day, there are more and more diverse uses and benefits that are discovered both of the plants in natural form, as well as of the most known derivatives: the cannabinoids. Of the approximately 100 varieties, the CBD, the THC, and the CBN are the best known and equally its positive effects.

However, there is one compound, which is perhaps the most important: cannabigerol or CBG. This is present in greater quantity in the earliest stage of the process of decomposition of the plants (both hemp and marijuana), and their primary acids are those that allow the formation of the molecules of the cannabinoids of secondary order as CBD and THC. As the decarboxylation process occurs, the amount of CBG decreases, and those of CBD and THC increase.

At first, it was thought that this element would be necessary then, only to derive in the others. However, despite the little existing research focused on CBG, there are many benefits to be gained from its use.

Which Are the Therapeutic Benefits of CBG?

According to Dr. Bonni Goldstein, medical director of Canna-Centers, the reabsorption of GABA, a brain chemical, is inhibited. Says Goldstein: “When GABA is inhibited (to be absorbed), muscle relaxation and anti-anxiety effects occur, so it appears to have a CBD-like effect. It also seems to have antidepressant and moderately anti-fungal properties.”

CBG has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This was discovered in an Italian study of a model of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Finally, cannabigerol inhibits COX-2. This implies that it could be used as an alternative to the current non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Steroids perform the same function, but with harmful side effects.

How to Select the Ideal CBG Oil?

Usually, when you want to buy CBG oil online, you will look for a search engine, and select one from the list of different CBG oil ratings. Once in the evaluation, you will read the descriptions and characteristics, and you will choose one from generally the first one.

However, that’s not the smartest way to do it. These ratings are usually created by the marketing departments of the page you are entering. The marketer elaborates a criterion without any scientific basis, to ensure that within that pre-selection, the product located at the top is ideal.

This configuration certainly does not guarantee you that the winning product meets the characteristics, properties, or that it will give you what it claims. It is without a doubt, the product that sponsors the website that for sure will obtain a percentage of profit for each sale that this portal achieves, being a commercial decision, and not a scientific one.

Which is the Best Way to Select Your CBG Oil?

The most recommendable thing is that you trust the CBG oil ratings issued by independent laboratories. These do not base their criteria on a profit, but on guaranteeing the client that the product they receive fulfills what they promise.

There are several laboratories, but only Green Grass Labs indeed certifies the best Cannabis and Hemp products worldwide. So when you go to select your CBG products, trust our prestige, balance, and impartiality.

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