Del Mar IV Hydration Drip Lounge


LIVV announced it's opening of it's 1st IV lounge in Del Mar San Diego. It features modern yet tropical decor with an inviting touch to make patient's feel comfortable and relaxed. IV lounges have become quite popular in medical spas and medical clinics across the country. What makes LIVV different is we create an experience for our patients and members to have 1-on-1 conversations with our Naturopathic Doctors and assistants. Discussing the latest health topics and lifestyle skills to really motivate and inspire individuals to reach their health goals. 

How Do You Wish To LIVV?

Not only reach your health goals.

Reach your life goals.

IV Hydration Therapy 

What is IV Hydration Therapy? 

IV Hydration Therapy is high quality nutrients and vitamins delivered directly into the bloodstream for 100% absorption. These nutrients are compounded by a pharmacy to ensure efficacy and potency. Think of IV Therapy as taking your multivitamin but on steroids. IV nutrients bypass the bodies "1st pass metabolism" - meaning it bypasses the gastrointestinal tract (stomach), liver, and kidney's. Bypassing these organs - allows the blood to absorb 100% of the nutrients providing an optimal cellular environment, improved metabolism, increased energy, improved immune function, and detoxification pathways. 


LIVV IV Vitamin Drips

Del Mar San Diego - Finest IV Hydration Lounge

LIVV IV Hydration Drip Standard Formulas

LIVV IV Infusion Therapy 

These IV formulas have been specially designed to improve any symptoms you may be experiencing. 

Potential benefits: 

  • Improve energy 

  • Boost immune function 

  • Cure your "Hangover" 

  • Replenish cellular health 

  • Improve brain health 

  • Strengthen hair, skin, and nails 

  • Improve sleep 

  • Prevent chronic diseases 

  • Provide "anti-aging" benefits