Feeling rundown from last night? 


 LIVV Hangover Free! 

LIVV Hangover Free! 

After all those long nights or partying with your friends, let me break down the science of drinking and alcohol. Alcohol gets broken down in the body into ethanol. Many enzymatic processes occur to breakdown ethanol from the body because it is a major toxin that causes damage at the cellular level. This is why one wakes up from a long night drinking feeling dehydrated, nauseated, and feeling extreme fatigue. Your body is depleted of its many minerals, vitamins, and amino acids that were working all night to detox all of those toxins. So it makes sense to replenish these essential nutrients and if so, your mind and body will feel exponentially better - hence hangover cure! 

LIVV Natural Health has formulated and researched the perfect formula for your hangover needs! 

Time: 35 minutes

Price: $250