Austin Sober Companion

Austin Sober Companion

A Sober companion also referred to as a recovery coach, sober coach, or sobriety coach. This is an individual specially trained in assisting people that are just recovering from drug, alcohol, or substance addiction. 

Their aim and objective is to live with the patient, assist and supervise the patient from going back to addiction, screening the contact of the recovering addict to shut out people that may lure him or her back to intoxication and addiction, maintaining total abstinence, and set up a robust pattern after leaving a residential treatment environment or even in their homes.

Advantages of Getting A Sober Companion

Going back to normal life after rehabilitation can be a daunting task. When people go for substance abuse treatment, they usually would have been separated from friends and family and after treatment, so many things remain precarious.

Loved ones find it awkward to relate with the patient and there is still the point of trust issues. To integrate them back into mainstream society, a reliable person is needed and thus the need for a sober companion. Sober Companions in Austin are really important in offering help and support for recovering addicts. 

Provide Strength and Support

The companion can provide progressive assistance and a pillar of strength for the patient and can also lend an ear and give attention to the client whenever the need arises.

Build Confidence

The sober companion can help build self-assurance of the client to make them bold and boost their self-worth. This will prevent relapse and assist the client in finding their feet in the new society they are getting reintroduced to.


Most times, the family and friends of the patient have their schedules and plans which may not give room for them to involve the patient. This can cause the patient to feel neglected. Austin's sober companion can be on hand at all times to keep the client company and give support when needed.

Training the Clients

Sober companions assist in teaching their clients' different techniques and skills to help them in reintegrating into society and post-treatment lifestyles. Teaching them how to combat relapse, peer pressure, and also retaining sobriety is key. 

Unbiased and Non Judgemental Attitude

A sober companion will be a sounding board for their clients as they will listen to them without being judgemental, showing disgust or apportioning blames. Therefore, the client will feel safe, confident, and comfortable to open up about things bothering them or whatever they are still struggling with. This will also help them to be optimistic about returning to and living a normal life.

Resuscitate Relationships

Sober companions will aid and motivate their clients to resuscitate relationships that were damaged or shattered due to addiction and substance abuse. The sober companion will be a go-between and assist to smoothen ruffled feathers.

Responsibility and Accountability

Sober companions help to keep the client accountable for their actions and make the client realize the importance of being responsible for the recovery process. This action will keep the client on their toes and help them in remaining sober.

Accepting and making yourself available for the services of sober companions is a major step in the process of total recovery. 

In Austin, our team is second to none and we remain unrivaled in the provision of professionals for sober companionship. 

Austin Sober Companion
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