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Prescott Arizona Rehab Center

Prescott Arizona Rehab Center

Royal Life Centers is a top-rated Prescott Arizona rehab center with a highly skilled team of physicians, therapists, and nurses. We help patients embrace sobriety using an integrated treatment approach encompassing medical detox, counseling, psychotherapies, and holistic programs.

Top reasons to choose our rehab in Prescott location

Ranked among the best rehab centers in Arizona, our facility offers a welcoming and home-like feel. Our Prescott, Arizona treatment center provides an ideal ambiance for those battling substance abuse disorders to heal and recover from their illnesses.

We focus on providing our residents with an immersive healing experience and ensure they achieve their recovery goals by creating a safe, serene, and supportive environment. The incredible scenery of Northern Arizona, the breathtaking landscapes, shimmering lakes, and the surrounding Granite mountains create a tranquil ambiance for our residents to enjoy every day. By providing our guests with the finest care in a safe and comfortable environment, we make their recovery journey less painful and unpleasant. We are one of the few nearby alcohol rehabs in Prescott, AZ, with luxury accommodations, gourmet meals, and sophisticated amenities.

Therapies that we use to address addiction

We use an advanced mix of evidence-based therapies and holistic programs at our Prescott Arizona drug and alcohol rehab to help patients achieve their recovery goals. Some of the therapies we use to address addiction include:

  • Adventure therapy – Adventure therapy is one of the many forms of psychotherapies that we use to address the mental health concerns of recovering addicts. This therapy combines nature, daring exercises, and community support to improve an individual’s physical, spiritual, and psychological wellbeing.
  • Individual and group therapies – The expert team of mental health professionals at our Arizona drug rehab conduct individual and group therapy sessions to identify and address the underlying mental health issues. These therapies help recovering addicts learn essential tips for relapse prevention and strengthens their commitment to sobriety.
  • Equine therapy - Equine therapy helps recovering addicts attain mental and spiritual relief and growth. Working with a horse allows our residents to build trust and balance their internal emotions.

As the leading treatment centers in Arizona, we focus on helping our clients learn and develop essential coping skills to lead a sober life in the long term. Our integrated treatment approach not only helps patients get clean but enables them to attain improved mental wellness over the years as well.

How will psychotherapy help in recovery?

Psychotherapy is the process of using evidence-based programs to help individuals overcome mental illnesses and behavioral problems. Psychotherapy alleviates the symptoms of mental health issues and enables an individual to function better. We use psychotherapies to address trauma, grief or loss, depression, anxiety, and other co-occurring disorders.

Psychotherapies are scientific treatment modalities that allow our therapists to identify the root cause of addiction and address during rehab. Treating the underlying mental health issues improves emotional and mental wellness and helps recovering addicts stay clean in the long term. Psychotherapy used in combination with medication helps recovering addicts garner the best outcome in recovery.

Get in touch with Royal Life Centers today to verify your insurance. Call 928-541-0692 to learn more about admissions at our Prescott Arizona rehab center. With the lowest relapse rates, our approach to addiction helps our clients achieve improved mental wellness and emotional stability. 

Prescott Arizona Rehab Center

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