Dr. Jason Phan providing PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Regenerative Injections on Dr. Travis Johnson - best chiropractic doctor - founder of Your Healthy Spine.

What are PRP Regenerative injections? 

PRP (platelet rich plasma) is one of the only therapies that actually goes within a joint capsule and heals the surrounding connective tissues. Types of connective tissue include: ligaments, tendons, fascia, collagen and cartilage. 

PRP is extracted from your own blood - which consists of platelets containing regenerative cells and growth factors. These cells and growth factors create a healing response to improve the structure and function of a ligament, tendon, or connective tissue.



An estimated 126 million adults (55.7 percent) reported some type of pain in the 3 months prior to the survey


What CAN PRP Help treat?

  • Shoulder (rotator cuff tear, labrum tear, ligament damage, adhesive capsulitis) 

  • Elbow (tennis elbow, golfers elbow, ligament damage) 

  • Wrist (carpal tunnel, ligament damage) 

  • Fingers (trigger finger, joint inflammation) 

  • Low back pain (SI ligament laxity, herniated discs, sciatic pain)

  • Hip (labrum tear, gluteus tear, piriformis tear)

  • Knee (meniscus damage, ligament (ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL), jumpers knee) 

  • Ankle (ligament sprain/strain, plantar fasciitis)


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Less Downtime! Non-surgical. Average 50% improvement in pain, structure and function with just 1 injection! (Dr. Jason Phan's Clinical Results)

Why Prolotherapy/PRP

  • A Pain FREE Life

  • Improve structure and function

  • Optimize athletic performance

  • Increase strength

  • Create stability and awareness

  • Improve joint function

  • Prevent injury or re-injury

  • Improve movement & mobility

  • Avoid unnecessary surgery when possible

  • Increase post-injury or post-surgery recovery time with added attention directly to the area

  • Choose a natural alternative therapy

natural ways to decrease pain

  1. Rest - your body's healing mechanism is intelligent to bring interleukins and inflammatory cells to heal up the affected joint.

  2. Ice - contrast hydrotherapy - 20 minutes of ice, 20 minutes of heat, and 20 minutes of ice (always ending in ice).

  3. Compression - compression bandages are great ways to reduce inflammation and pain in achy joints.

  4. Elevate - elevation of the affected joint decreases the amount of blood flow allowed in the joint decreasing the amount of pain.


How does PRP work?


The Blood 

The power of your bodies stem cells & growth factors

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections  are  a safe procedure that involves a blood collection and a specialized needling technique to improve joint pain and joint function. A PRP procedure involves collecting a patient’s blood that is spun down using a centrifuge device to extract platelets. Platelets are a natural substance the body produces that induce stem cell production, collagen production, elastic fiber production, and contain growth factors that are beneficial in healing and repair of joints.

PRP is a great alternative to steroid injections, pharmaceutical interventions, or even surgery. Over the past 40 years, Doctors have merged their knowledge of mainstream medical procedures like steroid injections and surgery and have created a new scientific approach to PRP therapy to increase the effectiveness of the injections. By strategically obtaining the perfect concentration of platelet-rich-plasma and inserting it into the exact area of the body that will benefit from the injection, naturopaths and doctors have created an increasingly beneficial alternative medical treatment that works.

After years of chronic back pain, I was referred to Dr. Jay. With his PRP injection and knowledge of pain free beneficial exercises he single handedly changed the quality of my life. I now wake up and go to sleep pain free. I am so excited for my future of health and well being thanks to LIVV!
— Justin K.

What to Expect When You Make an Appointment

Follow-Up Pain Management Consultation

  • 15 Minute consultation - discuss improvement or setbacks

  • Physical Exam & Orthopedic Exams

  • 20-30 minute injection procedure

    • Prolotherapy standard joint - $300

    • PRP standard joint - $600

  • Take home instructions and exercises

  • Questions and concerns answered

Initial Pain Management Consult New Patient

  • 30 minute consultation

  • Physical Exam & Orthopedic Exams

  • Review previous imaging & reports

  • 20-30 minute procedure

    • Prolotherapy standard joint - $300

    • PRP standard joint - $600

  • Take home instructions and exercises

  • Questions and concerns answered


Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Jason Phan NMD

Want to know that PRP is right for you?

  1. If you have acute injuries - consult with one of our doctors but usual suggestion is to wait 2-3 weeks before considering PRP treatment. This allows the body healing cascade to occur before stimulating another healing reaction.

  2. If you have chronic injuries, PRP is ideal to rebuild connective tissues (ligaments, tendons, and cartilage)

  3. If you have current or long-lasting sports injuries - consult with one of our doctors to improve sports performance and improve recovery time. Don’t be sidelined for multiple months.

  4. PRP is a great, less expensive and less invasive treatment to consider before considering surgery.

Are there any side effects?

After the injections - the joint will feel sore, achy and a fullness feeling is experienced. These symptoms will subside in 1-3 days. Everyone is slightly different, but most patients will be able to do your normal daily activities anywhere from the same day to 3 days after injections..