Post-Procedure PRP Handout

General recommendations:

  • (Rest & recovery – 7 days)

  • Only light stretching and walking for 2-3 days

  • No anti-inflammatory medications/treatments for the remainder of the treatment 

  • Contrast hydrotherapy – 20 minutes cold/20 minutes’ hot pack/20 minutes ice (always end in ice) – 2-3x daily for 1 week

  • Keep the joint moving with gentle range of motion movements.

  • Light exercise 1 week post treatment

  • Moderate exercise 2 weeks post treatment

  • Full exercise 3 weeks post treatment (test out the joint)

  • Nutrition! Eat a balanced diet. No alcohol (at least 7 days) and no smoking!


What to expect after treatment:

  • Fullness feeling of the joint space.

  • Mild aches/stiffness are very normal reactions and should subside within 1-3 days


Post treatment

  • If any severe swelling, burning pains, local redness or heat, or signs of infection (fever, malaise) – please contact Spark Health immediately. If you believe this may be a medical emergency, please head straight to the emergency room.

  • Track the progress of the joint – (pain, range of motion, stability, performance, etc)

  • Follow up 4 weeks post treatment to assess the structure and function, if needed another treatment of injections.

  • Typically 3-5 treatments are needed to provide optimal healing and return to optimal function of the joint.


Suggested supplementation for optimal healing

  • IV Nutrient Therapies – Revive IV Bag. Flood the metabolic system with the essential cofactors and nutrients to promote optimal healing.

  • Vitamin C 1,000mg/day

  • Zinc 30mg once daily with food