Michelle B.

Michelle B. 

PRP Patient - Knee pain

The Many Treatment Options But This One Actually Worked!

Read this first before you try anything else. PRP was the missing puzzle piece for my Knee recovery.


I literally tried everything to manage my knee pain and overcome a chronic knee injury with frustrating results. Last year in May my knee cap tracked out of place due to a perfect storm of IT band (Iliotibial Band) tension and post-surgical weakness in my medial quadriceps. My leg muscles literally atrophied over the course of a month and my kneecap continued to track and re-atrophy my thigh several times after that because of my active lifestyle and a buildup of tension. I did what any western minded person would do -- I went to the orthopedic specialists to have a physical examination, MRIs and Xrays to see what the problem was and how to fix it. To my surprise I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis as a young 30-something and also have lost some bone density in my right femur due to a long surgical recovery a few years back. All of a sudden I went from being a full time Yogi and highly productive person to a weakened, slow-moving, painfully injured couch potato.

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Elbow Pain

Darrin S.

PRP Patient - Elbow Pain

Struggling with elbow pain for a couple years


“I have been struggling with elbow pain on and off for the last two years.  In particular, it was the tendon that attached my tricep to my elbow and I experienced pain during any sort of pressing motion.  I had heard a lot of good things about PRP from friends so I decided to give it a try with Dr. Phan.  I had a short consultation with Dr. Phan to confirm my pain was a good candidate for PRP and then came back two weeks later for the PRP injections.  Dr. Phan is extremely knowledgeable and made the whole process really easy.  Four weeks after I had the PRP the pain was completely gone and my elbow has been good as new ever since.  I was amazed!  If you are struggling with joint pain I highly recommend you go in for a PRP consultation with Dr. Phan.”