The Executive IV Drip 

"The Executive” is the perfect IV Drip consisting of 250ml of fluids and specially formulated to provide hydration, energy, and replenish cellular health. The Executive is custom fit for the business/entrepreneur that is constantly traveling and working. 

Kick your feet back and relax at one of our IV lounges. Disconnect from the business world, sip on a La Croix, breathe in the essential oils, and enjoy your IV drip while you watch some Sportscenter. 

The Executive IV drip will take about 20-25 minutes to complete. Take the time to meditate and set your intentions. 

Price: $150

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  • Price: $150

The Executive Package 

  • Naturopathic Medical Consult + Lab Review

  • 3 IV Hydration Drips (250ml) 

  • 3 massages | 1 hour | (+ cupping)

  • 3 B-vitamin Shots