The Princess IV Drip

The Princess is just how it sounds - The Princess Treatment. A 500ml IV bag that is great for those long weekends of partying or traveling. Custom formulated IV drips for increasing cellular detoxification, anti-aging benefits, radiant looking skin, and to be absolutely glowing. 


The Princess was designed for the the pilates/yoga instructor always working and reading up on the latest health hacks and tips. Constantly finding new products to use, hustling at their career, while finding time to have the “balanced” life. Take 45-1hour of your day a week to sit back in our swing chair and insta-story your amazing experience with LIVV. 

The Princess Package 

  • 2 PRP facials

  • 4 IV Hydration Drips (500ml)

  • 2 Massages

  • 4 Skinny Shots