LIVV IV Vitamin therapy & IV Hydration lounge

LIVV Natural Health is San Diego's leading IV lounge dedicated in the administration of IV Vitamin Therapy. LIVV is passionate about the research and evidence based medicine in regards to intravenous (IV) nutrients and its benefits. Each ingredient and dosage was calculated specifically to enhance and improve the cellular function of the human body. Nutrients are commonly deficient in the body because of the high demand and stress we put on our bodies. LIVV Natural Health has designed specific IV infusion drips for your common symptoms. 



LIVV IV Drips consist of a base fluid (Normal Saline) & high quality vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. The most common known nutrients are "B-Vitamins" such as B-12 (the potential energy boosting vitamin). Vitamin C may provide beneficial results such as immune support, skin health, allergy support, antioxidant, wound healing (after platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections, and potentially a pro-oxidant (combating cancer cells). Lastly, glutathione is another popular nutrient being a powerful antioxidant, potentially giving the nutrient an "anti-aging" benefit. Glutathione also may also provide these potential benefits - improve metabolic function, optimal environment for hormone production, and combat stress and inflammation.