Ways To Optimize Your Health In 2016

The health and wellness industry is projected to profit $1 trillion dollars by 2017. Individuals everywhere are increasingly investing into their health and regularly considering the importance of living a health lifestyle. While health incorporates many aspects of life, let’s focus on the factors that we can control: the food we consume, the nutrients we put into our bodies, and the lifestyle we live.

A healthy and balanced lifestyle is hard to maintain due to the constant push and pull of everyday life. Socially constructed expectations and the explosion of social media platforms such as instagram, Facebook, and twitter – has presented us with some serious misconceptions on health. A large portion of society lives by standards of tall, skinny legs or ripped abs and muscle gainz; criteria that for some, is impossible to obtain. But society is wrong! With advances in modern day technology, we are discovering new information in how our human bodies perform and operate.

1. The food we consume

Everyday we have a choice of what foods we put in our mouth, which is the start of our digestive processes. Think about it, the foods that we put into our mouths is the only energy source that our body converts into useable fuel. Since birth, we have had to digest breast milk, formula milk, and obtain all the nutrients and minerals to keep our bodies running. As we age, these processes get harder and harder to manage, leading to a society that has gastrointestinal dysfunction in 70 million Americans.

It is easy to consume all the delicious foods that we are exposed to in 2016 with new spins on cultural cuisines. The newest nutritional trends are organic, non-GMO, and gluten free. This is a societal trend in health but is also a serious medical condition that may put individuals at risk for autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular disease, and metabolic diseases such as diabetes. I believe these trends are occurring based on the population we must feed and the $$$ to be made off the food industry. Control the foods that enter your body by educating yourself about nutrition or learning more at LIVV Natural.

2. Nutrients & Micronutrients

Understanding the biochemistry of how our body turns our food into useable energy is important. The food that enters our mouth turns into macronutrients such as proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. The body senses these nutrients and converts them into glucose and ATP (useable source of energy). Now this energy is used by our essential organs (heart, lung) and most importantly the brain. Throughout these biochemical processes, our bodies need cofactors (micronutrients) such as CoQ10, L-carnitine, Magnesium, Calcium, B-Vitamins, etc.

Adequate levels of these micronutrients optimize our enzymatic processes to keep our body operating at the highest level. Cellular health of the human body is dependent on micronutrients to improve DNA replication, improve mitochondrial health, and to decrease inflammation.

Through social norms, individuals are educated about micronutrients through consuming multi-vitamins daily – that turn their urine yellow. Urine turns yellow because you are NOT absorbing the nutrients! Most multi-vitamins are filled with “fillers” that contain heavy metals, plastics, and non-vitamin sources.

LIVV Natural is dedicated in educating modern day society about IV Vitamin Therapy and its beneficial health effects. IV Vitamin Therapy is the introduction of high quality nutrients that are specifically compounded to ensure quality. IV Therapy ensures 100% absorption directly into the bloodstream. These vitamins and nutrients are essential to combat the tremendous amount of toxic load our bodies are exposed to. Such as, BPA’s in plastics, GMO, pesticides, and many more environmental toxins. San Diego’s communities are in dyer need of IV nutrients to improve function but also to prevent disease.

3. Lifestyle

LIVV Natural is driven to create a healthy lifestyle that is implemented to each and every person we touch.

Optimizing your life encompasses living a healthy and meaningful lifestyle that incorporates mindfulness, physical activity, and adequate nutrition. Changing ones lifestyle takes great time, motivation and inspiration to reach your health goals. In today’s modern day society, people are striving for a life of purpose but also a long life full of great memories. Along the way there will be challenges but LIVV natural is driven to instill tools and tips to get you past those hurdles and back to your ultimate goals.

The LIVV lifestyle is educating and giving our patients the ultimate tools to be successful in this modern day society. Providing laboratory testing backed by scientific research to maintain an optimal cellular environment so one can live a long youthful life. In addition, providing IV Vitamin Therapy to improve energy, brain function, anti-aging effects, and prevent chronic diseases. IV Vitamin Therapy is critical in our modern world to combat the many environmental agents that effect our bodies each and everyday. Lastly, providing education and the spreading of knowledge to help people obtain their goals, health related or not. A culture that inspires creativity, positivity, innovation, and expanding our growth as a society. LIVV Natural is passionate about helping our community in Southern California reach optimal health.

Jason Phan