Times have changed in the year 2016. From the iPhones in our hands, to the rising sea levels due to global warming. Things are changing and they are changing fast. I see a paradigm shift in the way people are thinking. We are thinking in an integrative creative way that no one has yet to see the capabilities of the human species. With new advances in technology, to the abundant solar energy resources, to the electric car, and new advancements in medicine. I believe we can thrive in this new modern day society but adaptation must occur. Global warming is REAL, just listen to the latest Oscar’s speech by Leonardo DiCaprio lol. In the last 60 years, mankind has been polluting this earth with toxins due to the industrial revolution. This has changed our ecosystem  resulting in weather changes, rising sea levels, species extinction, and increasing disease rates. So the real question is, How do we thrive in our modern day society?

#1 Take care of our Health

I believe it is important to invest into your health. People may think health is just a fad and why is every supermarket marketing “Gluten Free”? But the real question you should be asking is, how is your health? I’ve been surveying individuals between the ages of 21-40 to see when the last time they have visited a doctor or gotten basic bloodwork to analyze their health – most people answered – YEARS. In my opinion most individuals don’t seek medical attention unless it is emergent or a chronic disease process has already taken place. Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Obesity is on the rampant rise in the United States of America. This is partly due to education about health and the increasing toxins and environmental factors that exist in our modern world. #1 way to thrive in our modern day society is the take care of your health!

#2 Self-Confidence

Apple has ruined our youth! With all the advances in technology such as the iPhone, iPad, and iMac’s – our minds are constantly stimulated. We are currently living our lives in a virtual world. For example, social media outlets like instagram, twitter, facebook, and google. How many hours do you spend on these social media platforms? Social media can be a confidence booster or a confidence killer, just by how many “likes” one receives. Ridiculous right? But it is a true statement, leaving individuals with low self esteem and decreased inter-personal relationships. Leading to increasing rates of anxiety and depression – meaning increasing rates of anti-depressive drugs such as Prozac. Drugs are not the answer, the answer lies within confidence and thriving in the state of being uncomfortable. We must thrive in situations that make us uncomfortable because that is moment where we create success. Success is working hard everyday for what brings you joy and passion in your life. Take that risk, be in that uncomfortable situation and rise to the occasion. Because it will be the best decision of your life, your choosing life over fear.

#3 Build your Empire

Connections, connections, connections. Build your network of like minded individuals to progress yourself and boost your career to the next level. Relationships not only builds your career path but builds long-lasting memories that you get to enjoy for years to come. Be sure to be thankful and blessed of your currently family and friends. But don’t be afraid to add more to your family. Everyone has a lesson to teach or for most, learn. We live in a world of amazing and intelligent individuals. We must connect with these individuals to spark creativity and looking at situations in a whole new way – to take our society into the new age – the age of possibility.

These are my thoughts about how to thrive in our modern day society. I relay this vision and mission through LIVV Natural Health because I started this company believing in the advancements of medicine and the dire need our population to invest in their health. LIVV Natural Health is dedicated in assessing and educating its patients about their health. To provide high quality nutrients and vitamins (IV Vitamin Therapy) to develop optimal health in all individuals so we can progress further as a society. Keep thriving and not surviving.