Regenerative Medicine


On December 12th, I took attendance to the Crossfit games (Reindeer Games) in Del Mar, San Diego. It was the first time I have ever attended a crossfit event. I always loved watching the crossfit games on TV. It was quite the environment! Reminded me of the camaraderie that my football team had back in high school and college.
Upon walking into the event, you can sense the fitness and health movement of each and every individual. Vendors selling athletic gear, performance enhancing supplements, and health providers supporting crossfit athletes. Each person walking by looked athletic and physical fit. It was awesome to see people taking care of their bodies physically, but what about the metabolic function of these individuals?
It was great watching and helping these athletes compete at the highest level and watch them hit their fitness goals. This is a great community that deals with lots of injuries, dehydration, increased nutritional needs, and in need of physical biomechanical assessments. The Crossfit community would benefit from IV vitamin therapy, prolotherapy, and platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections. Keep up the hard work crossfit community! #paleo #work #riseandgrind #swoll #life #crossfitsandiego