Top Tips for Maximizing Fat Loss

Top Tips for Maximizing Fat Loss


This blog covers approaches to fat loss that do not focus on diet and exercise plans. Why? Because there is an overwhelming amount of contradictory information out there about what to eat and how to work out to lose weight. The mainstream media tends to overcomplicate and oversell weight loss methods related to diet and exercise.



However, its actually quite simple. When it comes to diet, the most important thing to remember is to eat whole, high-quality foods that you tolerate and enjoy. When it comes to exercise, the most important thing to remember is to break a sweat daily and focus on building muscle (because muscle burns more calories than fat!).


Weight loss should be thought less of as a strict regimen and more of as a bi-product of good health. Maintaining good nutrition and a balanced lifestyle is the foundation for weight loss. Fine-tuning body composition with targeted approaches is the key to fat-loss.



Here are the top 6 tips for fat loss:


1. Blood-Sugar Balance

    • Rationale: high blood sugar elevates insulin, a building hormone that allows blood sugar into the cells and promotes fat storage. High blood sugar also increases the risk of developing metabolic syndrome and obesity
    • Resolution: limit added sugar/refined carbs, eat meals/snacks 3-5 hours apart, consider intermittent fasting, talk to your ND about supportive supplements

2. Stress Management

    • Rationale: high and chronic stress disrupts the hormone cascade that makes up our circadian rhythm and elevated cortisol can increase blood sugar and promote fat storage
    • Resolution: have a daily relaxation practice, schedule weekly self-care, seek therapy if needed, talk to your ND about supportive supplements  

3. Genetic Testing

    • Rationale: being aware of our genetic mutations and predispositions can help us align our lifestyle choices to our unique biochemistry so that we can attain good health and ideal body composition
    • Resolution: talk to your ND about genetic testing, they will be able to interpret the results for you and design an individualized plan based on your goals

4. Nutrient Repletion

    • Rationale: nutrients provide the raw materials the body needs to perform all its functions. For example, B vitamins, iron, and magnesium are necessary for metabolizing fats and sugar. Also, when the body lacks nutrients it may increase hunger and cravings
    • Resolution: talk to your ND about testing and repletion protocols, which may include food as medicine, supplementation, nutrient injections and IV therapy
    • Special Highlight: LIVV’s Skinny IV & Skinny Shots
      •  LIVV is proud to offer IV and shots designed for maximal fat loss that contain a strategic combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and the super-ingredient MIC. What is MIC? MIC stands for Methionine Inositol Choline, which are lipotropic substances that rev up metabolism and the processing of fats out of the body – in other words, it pushes your body to burn fat faster and more effectively. See our What is a Skinny Shot? blog for more details on MIC!
      • Skinny IVs and/or shots are a great adjunct to your nutrition and fitness plan for enhancing weight loss and overcoming weight loss plateaus. Additional benefits include improved energy, mood, and hormone balance – giving you the extra support you need to reach your body composition goals! We recommend getting shots done 1-2 times weekly for at least 6 weeks and/or the skinny IV bag 1 time weekly for at least 6-8 weeks for the greatest results

5. Cold Exposure

    • Rationale: cold exposure is known to increase metabolic rate by increasing brown fat in the body, which is very efficient at converting sugar and fat into energy
    • Resolution: the primary forms of cold therapy include cold showers, cold plunges, and cryotherapy – talk to your ND about recommended regimens

6. Peptide Therapy

    • Rationale: Peptide therapy is an emerging healing modality that uses prescription-based peptides to maximize health and performance. For example, CJC-1295 is a peptide well-known for promoting fat loss and muscle gain
    • Resolution: peptide therapy has shown to be safe, tolerable, and effective, talk to your ND about peptide therapy and which is best for you


Dysregulated blood sugar, high and chronic stress, nutritional deficiencies or insufficiencies, and genetic alterations can all contribute to shifts in mood (e.g. depression), energy (e.g. fatigue), appetite (e.g. increased hunger/cravings), and metabolism (e.g. insulin resistance) – all of which sabotage weight/fat loss efforts.


Naturopathic doctors at LIVV will be able to perform and tailor the suggestions given in this blog. They will also be able to help evaluate for common causes of weight loss resistance including hormonal imbalances, gastrointestinal disorders, and heavy metal toxicities. Call us today to get started on your weight/fat loss journey!


Written by Jordan Valdez, RDN