Why Hormones Are So Important In Optimal Health

Hormones play a significant role in maintaining the body’s system of internal and chemical conditions. When your body generates too much or too little of a particular hormone, it can result in diseases and problematic medical conditions.

It is thus essential to identify and resolve hormonal imbalances as early as possible to facilitate healthy living.

Some of the most vital hormones in the human body include:

  • Estrogen, the female sex hormone that is generated by a woman’s ovaries.

Low estrogen levels result in decreased sex drive for a woman, low moods, and depression.

Low estrogen also contributes to poor bone formation, weak nails, and hair.

  • On the other hand, Testosterone is the male sex hormone responsible for the maintenance of a man’s sex drive and the distribution of fat and muscle around his body. 

Testosterone is produced in the testicles. Its diminished production leads to lowered libido, low bone density, and erectile dysfunction.

  • Melatonin is a hormone linked to sleep patterns and is produced by the pineal gland. It is responsible for determining our sleep cycles—interrupted production of melatonin results in insomnia.
  • Cortisol is a hormone connected to stress management. It provokes the fight or flight response when faced with danger. 
  • Insulin is generated by the pancreas. It is a hormone tasked with regulation of blood sugar absorption by the body—irregular insulin production results in diabetes.

Hormones and your lifespan

For longevity and healthy aging, it is crucial to maintain some hormones’ low production while retaining the optimum output of others.

Cortisol should ideally stay at low levels as it is a stress hormone capable of stimulating the premature aging of cells. 

Actually, high cortisol production results in weight gain, poor sleep, chronic stress, and inflammation.

Conversely, estrogen and testosterone need to be optimally maintained for the sake of retention of muscle mass, skin suppleness, reproductive health, and lower risk of heart disease.

At LIVV – our medical team provides testosterone replacement therapy & bioidentical hormone therapy to achieve optimal biochemical levels of hormones to promote vitality and longevity. 

It involves the use of bioidentical hormone therapy (BHRT) to counteract hormone imbalances. Bioidentical hormones are organic as they are derived from natural plants.

Therefore, they present the best alternative in treating hormonal imbalances compared to synthetic hormones.

Hormones and emotions

Four hormones are directly linked to a person’s emotions. These are dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins.

Endorphins are generated when we work out or exercise or when we are in a state of happiness. It is the ‘feel-good hormone that helps the body cope with the strain of exercise. 

Scientists recommend at least 30 minutes’ worth of exercise daily for a healthy dose of endorphins. 

Another hormone that results in good feelings is dopamine. It is the hormone that comes to play whenever we experience a sense of achievement.

When dopamine levels are heightened, heart contractions increase. The hormone has thus been associated with the correction of low blood pressure.

Lastly, oxytocin, also known as the love drug, is responsible for several body functions. It generates feelings of empathy, love, and compassion. 

In women, it aids during the process of childbirth by signaling contractions during labor.

Hormones and energy/vitality

Most of the hormone production in our body diminishes with age. That includes the production of endorphins, dopamine, and other ‘feel-good hormones. 

Consequently, our energy and vitality levels take a dip as well.

Due to the lowered vitality, it is not uncommon to encounter people exhibiting low motivation, high depression, irritability, frustration, low libido, and poor concentration.

Luckily, some of these situations can be helped by the use of hormone therapy and vitamin shots.  These include vitamin B12 shots, which boost your energy and focus levels.

B12 is also known as methylcobalamin or hydroxocobalamin.

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, the shots improve digestive health, blood cell production, cognitive abilities, and the nervous system’s functioning.

Hormones and libido

Hormonal imbalances can affect your libido in various ways.

In men, Testosterone is the hormone responsible for male reproductive development.

Low Testosterone may lead to a condition known as hypogonadism which results in erectile dysfunction and diminished sex drive.

The causes of low Testosterone vary and include metabolic disorders such as hemochromatosis, chemotherapy, and injury to the testes.

Various naturopathic remedies exist that can correct low Testosterone. These include exercise, weight lifting, vitamin and mineral supplements, stress reduction and lower cortisol, and plenty of quality rest.

Similarly, low estrogen levels in women interfere with their sexual development and result in low libido, osteoporosis, heightened risk of cardiovascular disease, and risk of obesity.

Several issues may occasion low estrogen. These include congenital conditions, e.g., Turner’s syndrome, thyroid disorders, ovarian failure, chemotherapy, or a low-performing pituitary gland.

However, low estrogen levels are easily fixed through hormone replacement therapy.

Hormones and neurological health

Hormonal imbalances can sometimes result in lowered cognitive function.

When hormones such as cortisol are out of balance, the condition may impair the individual, and they might register brain fog and altered brain function.

These undesirable outcomes are why it is essential to keep our cortisol levels low and manageable stress levels.

Prolonged cortisol imbalance may contribute to the onset of degenerative conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, and memory loss.

These imbalances may be corrected through naturopathy, using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Your naturopathic doctor will also advise you on suitable dietary changes, exercise regime, and lifestyle modifications you can effect to correct the situation.


At LIVV Natural Health, hormone optimization is one of our specialties. Our experienced team of naturopaths will take you through a detailed consultation to establish your levels. Only after conducting thorough bloodwork will they recommend a course for action in line with your preferences.

Our hormone therapy treatment has helped turn hundreds of lives around, and it could do the same for you.

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