Say Goodbye To Colds and the Flu – Vitamin C & Immune Support

We can all agree that winter is here! Recently, San Diego weather has drastically changed and the temperatures are constantly dropping. As the climate changes, we see a rise in colds and cases of the flu because of the stress on our immune systems. Runny noses, hacking coughs, the overall lousy feelings – can all be avoided by giving your body the extra support during changing climates and winter months.

Common symptoms that we experience before we become sick: Scratchy throat, postnasal drip, and mild cough.

Don’t have time for the flu this season? Important holiday plans that you can’t miss? Here are 5 ways to help support your immune system and fight off illness when it matters the most.

5 Ways to Support Your Immune System

Vitamin C- Everyone knows about Emergen-C packets that work great to help support the immune system fight off your illness. These tasty orange packets consist of 1 gram of vitamin C, however, your body only has the capacity to effectively absorb about 50%(500mg). Wouldn’t you like to effectively absorb 5-10 grams of vitamin C and kickstart your immune system to be sick-free and feeling great within 24 hours? This can easily be achieved through IV nutrient therapy. Administered directly into the bloodstream for 100% absorption, IV nutrient therapy floods our blood with the essential vitamins and minerals needed to kill off microbes that are causing us to feel sick.

Zinc is a powerful vitamin that helps boost our immune system by serving as a precursor to many biochemical pathways that promote destruction of bacteria & viruses. Zinc lozenges are available at your health/food stores, however, zinc administered in an IV infusion is stronger and more potent at ridding your cold/flu.

Glutathione is the strongest antioxidant that our body produces. It is made to support and promote cellular detoxification. Glutathione is not only good for detoxification, but also helps promote: collagen production (improves skin), anti-aging (fights off reactive oxidative species), and improves neurological function (improve memory/concentration). Because glutathione is poorly absorbed through the gastrointestinal system, IV infusions are the best option for effective administration and absorption.

Echinacea & Goldenseal – Tincture form is the best method of administration for these herbs. They are readily absorbed and work to line the throat/stomach in order to fight off bacteria/viruses. These strong herbal agents are anti-bacterial and anti-viral, so they help your body fight off illness whether it is a virus or bacteria. Basically, you can think of these herbs as natural antibiotics that don’t affect your gut micro biome the way pharmaceutical drugs do.

Super Bio-Veg– Priority One makes a supplement for Colds/Flus called Super Bio Vegetarian. It contains high doses of herbal products such as: echinacea, myrrh, garlic, oregon grape, and beneficial fungi (mushrooms). These all support the immune system by fighting the bacteria/virus directly at the source of infection. The best way to combat a simple cold/flu is natural means of increasing your body own defense system (immune system) in fighting the infection. Our bodies utilize natural products more efficiently than pharmaceutical drugs because they weren’t synthetically made.

At LIVV Natural Health, your health and happiness are our top priority. This holiday season, don’t miss out on attending special events or making a lifetime of memories because you’re sick. Schedule an IV therapy today to receive the immune support you need!

Dr. Jason Phan NMD – Founder & Owner of LIVV Natural Health, a medical clinic that specializes in IV Hydration Therapy, PRP/Prolotherapy Regenerative Injections, and Naturopathic Medical Consults.