Breaking Stigmas: Discussing Penis Fillers Openly and Honestly


Understanding penis fillers
Addressing common misconceptions
The importance of open communication
Risks and considerations
The role of mental health
Breaking the stigma together
A final word on fillers

When it comes to male sexual health, many people avoid the conversation. There seems to be a stigma attached to the topic.

The consequence of this discomfort is that many men don’t address their health concerns. They’re even less likely to seek out advice regarding it.

In recent years, there’s been a rise in interest regarding penis fillers. However, because of the attached stigma, accurate resources aren’t easily available.

Below, we unpack the vital information about the procedure. Our goal is to foster open dialog and break the stigma.

Are you ready to learn more about penis fillers? Join us as we uncover all the details.

Understanding penis fillers

Penis fillers are a type of dermal filler. They are also referred to as dermal filler penile enhancements.

These products are made from a type of gel. The substance is injected into the selected region to provide more volume.

Fillers are a less invasive alternative to surgical enhancements. These injectables are aimed at improving the size, shape, and appearance of the penis.

There are various types of fillers available. They fall into two main subgroups.

  • Biocompatible
  • Synthetic

Biocompatible filler is more popular. It typically gets absorbed by the body over time. Some can break down with an antidote. This is helpful if removal is necessary. It also has a low risk of causing reactions.

Synthetic substances have more permanence. The drawback of this option is that it’s more likely to cause allergic reactions. Another disadvantage is that they’re difficult to remove if lumps or movement occur.

The filler procedure is quite straightforward. It’s also nonsurgical. It takes approximately 30–45 minutes to complete. There are typically six steps that occur.

  • Step 1: A practitioner examines the male genitals and makes the relevant markings.
  • Step 2: The practitioner cleans the area thoroughly using an antiseptic agent. The penis gets draped to ensure sterility.
  • Step 3: The practitioner administers a powerful local anesthetic. They use a small needle to inject it into the penis. Depending on the potency, it either goes totally numb or mostly numb.
  • Step 4: The practitioner inserts the dermal filler into the penis. They use a blunt cannula. The injection is directed into the areolar tissue, which then increases the girth. It also adds to the length of the penis when flaccid and improves its shape.
  • Step 5: The practitioner cleans the genitals a second time.
  • Step 6: The patient receives aftercare instructions, and the practitioner applies the dressing.

The results are visible immediately after the procedure. After four weeks, the dermal filler fully integrates with the penile tissue. That’s when the final results are visible. Results can last 1–5 years.

Many individuals elect to undergo the procedure for aesthetic reasons. It can help boost their body image and self-esteem. In some cases, it also improves their sex life.

The results are customizable. The individual decides on the targeted areas and the amount of filler they need. They can decide if they prefer increasing the length, girth, or both.

Penis fillers are considered a safe practice. Biocompatible options such as hyaluronic acid are typically well tolerated.

One of the main reasons the procedure has risen in popularity is how simple it is. It doesn’t require any downtime from the patient, and there are no incisions or sutures that need to heal.

The aftercare is also straightforward. There are certain activities to avoid after treatment, like strenuous tasks and any sexual activity. The time frame for healing averages two weeks, but depends on your practitioner’s instructions. It’s also essential to keep the penis clean to avoid infection.

Some practitioners may advise you to massage the penis. The action ensures an even distribution of the filler. It’s also vital to attend your follow-up appointments.

You may experience some discomfort and swelling after the treatment. These symptoms subside within a few days.

Addressing common misconceptions

Due to the stigma, there are many myths surrounding the procedure. One of the most common misconceptions is that the treatment doesn’t work. When it comes to fillers, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Many individuals have successfully increased their girth and length. In some cases, patients undergo the procedure to improve their shape and appearance.

Another myth is that the results are permanent and painful. Most dermal filler penile enhancements are temporary. The procedure doesn’t cause excessive pain, as the practitioner uses an anesthetic.

Some people believe dermal fillers result in erectile dysfunction. This risk is minimal, especially when you choose a reputable practitioner.

There is also a misconception that fillers are used in the same way for each patient. The treatment is fully customizable, depending on what the individual wants to change.

The importance of open communication

Discussing male sexual health is still stigmatized on a global scale. In some communities, the topic is considered completely taboo. In other regions, a wave of change is spreading. Allowing men to be open and have honest conversations about their sexual health is beneficial.

A topic that falls under this umbrella category is enlargement. Breaking the silence lets men raise various concerns without ridicule. It helps promote awareness and dispels myths.

Speaking openly about the various options for enlargement can give individuals the confidence to seek out professional assistance. It can also help them avoid potentially harmful practices.

Risks and considerations

Penis fillers are considered safe. However, as with any medical procedure, there are some potential risks. Among these are penile girth injection complications.

Below are some risks to keep in mind.

  • Infection: Inserting foreign substances into the body can trigger an immune response. These issues are more prevalent with synthetic options. The main way of treating the infection is by removing the filler.
  • Deformed penis and scarring: While the goal of fillers is to improve the appearance of the penis, sometimes, the opposite happens. In the worst cases, painful nodules develop. They can be treated with intense surgery, but tissue may be scarred. It could also result in reduced penis length.
  • Exposure to harmful products: This risk is associated with synthetic fillers. Certain ones are plastic. There is also some evidence that indicates the products are carcinogens and could cause cancer.
  • High cost on permanent options: This risk is also associated with synthetic options. They’re more expensive than bio-compatible ones. Despite this, many are of low quality and diluted.
  • Bruising and swelling: The penis is typically tender for two weeks after the procedure. It’s also common for the area to be swollen. In some cases, swelling can last for a month.

Many of these risks are easy to avoid. The most important precautionary measure is selecting a qualified and experienced practitioner. Make sure you feel comfortable discussing your options and requirements with the professional before committing to a treatment.

It’s also essential that you understand the extent of the treatment. Ask about the limitations of the procedure. Your practitioner should clarify the expected results before you agree to the filler.

The role of mental health

While many people think of penis sizes in terms of “big and small,” there are many more characteristics. Societal norms typically associate larger penises with more sexual pleasure and masculine hormones.

This is not necessarily true. Many other crucial traits can help satisfy a partner. Unfortunately, for many men, the cultural pressures make them believe bigger is better. It impacts their self-esteem and sexual confidence negatively.

The psychological impact of seeking penis enhancement is often related to self-image. In other cases, men want to increase their size to satisfy their partner sexually.

When practitioners interview men after the procedure, most of them express feeling satisfied with the decision. The overall response after the treatment was positive.

It’s crucial to evaluate the psychological effects as well as the physical before undergoing treatment. Do thorough research on fillers first.

Enlarging the penis is a major change, and you have to be mentally prepared for the result. Evaluating the decision carefully helps promote a holistic approach to your well-being.

Breaking the stigma together

Destigmatizing male sexual health is a slow process. Education plays a major role in helping open up honest discussions and empowering individuals with knowledge and understanding.

It’s important to have open conversations in your relationship. They help foster trust, manage expectations, and build understanding. Being open about these topics on a community level spreads awareness. It also debunks myths.

Breaking the stigma is vital. These discussions create an inclusive and judgment-free approach to sexual wellness in males.

A final word on fillers

Now that you know some of the facts regarding dermal filler penile enhancements, it’s easier to make an informed decision about it. The procedure is typically safe and straightforward. There are risks, but they’re less likely to occur if you choose an experienced practitioner.

Stigmas can only break when people open the dialogue. Be part of this change, spread awareness, and share accurate knowledge. Why not book a consultation with LIVV Natural to discover more about penis fillers and how they can benefit you?

Author: Dr. Jason Phan NMD – Founder of LIVV Natural – Anti-aging – regenerative medicine – peptide therapy