How to prevent muscle wasting while on semaglutide

How to prevent muscle wasting while using semaglutide for bodybuilding


What is muscle wasting?
The relationship between semaglutide and muscle wasting
How to prevent muscle wasting while on semaglutide
Enjoy the benefits of semaglutide without losing muscle

Can you avoid muscle wasting when using semaglutide for bodybuilding and other purposes? Recent evidence suggests it’s possible if you use certain treatment options.

While managing weight with semaglutide, patients often experience muscle wasting. The condition counters the medication use, as it reduces your physical strength. It prevents you from performing numerous activities and impacts your quality of life.

Explore how to manage muscle wasting and maximize the benefits of semaglutide.

What is muscle wasting?

The term refers to the depletion of muscle mass caused by shrinkage and weakening. The condition occurs when protein degeneration is quicker than new protein formation. It reduces your muscle size and impairs your ability to perform physical activities.

The condition may also interfere with several cellular functions in your system. One of the most crucial processes affected is glucose metabolism.

It involves breaking down food particles into simple sugars. The substances convert to glucose and move to cells for promoting brain functions. Skeletal muscles play a vital role in controlling this process.

Unsurprisingly, muscle loss or wasting disrupts glucose metabolism. It affects neural cell signaling and how your body uses energy.

Also called sarcopenia, muscle wasting is associated with many health problems. It’s seen in heart failure, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and chronic kidney disease. The condition is observed in patients using semaglutide for bodybuilding and other purposes.

Muscle wasting has a relationship with inactivity and aging. Inactive people aged 30 and above lose 3–8% of muscle mass every 10 years. The severity of the condition increases if left untreated. It may lead to reduced quality of life and mortality.

The relationship between semaglutide and muscle wasting

Sold under the name Ozempic, semaglutide is a peptide that acts like GLP-1. It attaches to your body’s GLP-1 receptors and controls various physiological processes. Manufactured by Novo Nordisk, the medication is primarily a blood sugar level regulator.

While performing its basic roles, semaglutide interacts with your brain’s hunger center. The GLP-1 receptors make you feel full. They slow down your digestion, allowing food to last longer in your stomach. The process also reduces your appetite and cravings for meals rich in fats.

The combination of these physiological functions enables semaglutide to promote weight loss. People add diets and lifestyle changes to the medication for better results.

Muscle wasting is a typical side effect of semaglutide. Endocrinologists noted that most patients experience the condition when using the peptide. A clinical trial funded by the manufacturer of the medication supports this claim.

This problem isn’t unique to semaglutide, as other factors can cause it. The issue comes from how a medication controls your body to regulate weight.

Fat is the most accessible source of fuel for bodily functions. While losing weight, you may not get sufficient fat to support physiological processes. Your system is forced to rely on other ways to survive.

Your body uses the protein in the muscle tissue to fuel physiological functions. You experience muscle wasting if this issue continues to deplete protein reserves.

How to prevent muscle wasting while on semaglutide

When using semaglutide dosage for bodybuilding, find ways to avert muscle wasting. Various preventative techniques explore different approaches.

MOTS-c (mitochondrial ORF of the 12S rRNA type-C)

MOTS-c is a peptide that modulates metabolic functions. Studies show that it influences how mitochondria control energy production and signaling. The compound converts glucose into usable energy, allowing your body to get fuel.

The peptide aids homeostasis and metabolic flexibility, balancing how your system manages weight. It ensures your body gets enough fat to support various bodily functions. This process reduces your reliance on other sources like muscle tissues for fuel.

While performing its functions, MOTS-c preserves your muscle mass. The peptide aids weight loss by burning unhealthy fat in your system. It also works as an anti-aging agent and boosts your exercise capacity.

NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide)

NAD+ is a natural coenzyme living in all human cells. It regulates more than 500 biochemical pathways like cellular repair and metabolic function. The compound modulates how your body produces energy by turning food into ATP.

NAD+ may help you avert muscle wasting from using semaglutide. The coenzyme enhances your brain function and improves metabolism. The process allows you to acquire energy from fat and prevents muscle wasting.

NAD+ protects you against chronic oxidative stress, a known cause of protein loss. By doing this, the compound reduces the risk of muscle wasting.

Other functions of NAD+ are mitochondrial enhancement, telomere lengthening, and improved muscle recovery.


Studies have established exercise as an effective way to promote good health. Training your skeletal muscles ensures glucose and other metabolic substances are used appropriately. It affects mitochondrial density and metabolic flexibility.

Exercising a target area also aids the production of muscle protein. It stimulates signaling pathways for controlling the function and metabolism of muscle fibers. These processes reduce the risk of muscle wasting when taking semaglutide.

Exercises don’t have to be extremely physically demanding to prevent muscle wasting. Start with the easier ones and increase the intensity over time.

Use the following exercises to prevent muscle loss.

  • Deadlifts
  • Shoulder press
  • Squats
  • Bench press
  • Lunges
  • Push-ups
  • Plank

You can also deal with muscle wasting by doing aerobic exercises. Typical examples are swimming, walking, climbing stairs, and biking. These activities improve your heart health, reduce pain, and enhance your motion range.


Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone. It’s responsible for developing reproductive tissues and sexual characteristics. This crucial chemical messenger is also present in different parts of females. Its decline in both sexes may cause muscle wasting.

The relationship between semaglutide and testosterone production is controversial. Some studies show the medication reduces the hormone synthesis, causing muscle mass loss. Others refute the claim and state the compound doesn’t affect the chemical messenger.

Regardless of the debate, evidence suggests that testosterone can improve your muscle mass. Supplements like Testosterone Cypionate activate muscle growth and protein production. These functions reduce the risk of muscle wasting.

Increased testosterone also boosts your endurance and strength. It helps you optimize the benefits of exercises to improve your muscle mass.

IV therapies

Semaglutide use can cause dehydration, vitamin deficiencies, and mineral imbalances. These problems are common when your foods lack essential nutrients. They slow down muscle recovery and may lead to sarcopenia.

IV therapy relieves these problems by supplying amino acids. These molecules are the building blocks of life. They convert fatty acids to energy and build essential muscle proteins.

An IV lounge replaces lost body fluid and balances minerals. It restores your vitamin reserves, boosting cellular damage repair and immunity. When these happen, the treatment reduces the risk of muscle wasting.

Protein-rich foods

A lack of protein is one of the leading causes of muscle wasting. The issue prevents you from getting enough amino acids. These small molecules aid several bodily functions, and their deficiency is harmful.

Adequate dietary proteins aid bodybuilding and weight loss without causing sarcopenia. They promote more fat loss while protecting muscle tissues. They also help cell repair and promote quick recovery from muscle damage.

Find proteins in animal sources like beef, fish, seafood, eggs, and low-fat milk. They’re also available in lentils, seeds, beans, nuts, grains, soy, and quinoa.

Enjoy the benefits of semaglutide without losing muscle

Although semaglutide is effective, the risk of muscle wasting is a major drawback. Don’t be discouraged by this issue, as there are ways to combat it. Explore our proven approaches to using this medication without muscle loss.

Contact LivvNatural now to enjoy NAD+, MOTS-c, IV therapy, and other reliable solutions. These treatments help you maximize the benefits of semaglutide without experiencing muscle wasting.

Author: Dr. Jason Phan NMD – Founder of LIVV Natural – Anti-aging – regenerative medicine – peptide therapy