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Naturopathic medicine: Proactive, holistic, thorough
What are healthcare memberships?
Which conditions can we address?
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The future of healthcare isn’t robots administering disease-fighting microchips. It’s restorative treatments at regular intervals from up-to-date professionals. The easiest way to get them is through healthcare memberships.

Memberships go beyond general practitioners, insurance subscriptions, and annual check-ups. They work on the principle of involved physicians maintaining your mind-and-body wellness.

These arrangements combine non-invasive, prevention-based principles of naturopathy with modern science and convenience. By doing so, they push your quality of life (not just health) one step further.

Would you like to learn more? Join us to discover naturopathic care memberships. We discuss their core principles and everything they contain at our clinic.

Naturopathic medicine: Proactive, holistic, thorough

Naturopathic medicine is a system that uses natural remedies to help the body heal. It encompasses various therapies, including herbs, acupuncture, nutritional counseling, and naturally occurring compounds.

As an approach, naturopathy reached the United States in the 1800s. Its modern methodology combines ancient medicine with contemporary science.

The primary distinction between conventional and naturopathic medicine is the focus. The latter treats the whole individual, not just their symptoms.

As naturopathy can’t cure everything, its doctors collaborate with other branches of medicine. They refer patients for diagnostics and treatment as appropriate. That way, they help folks with acute and chronic conditions.

How does naturopathy work, and why do we consider it the future of healthcare?

The examination is thorough and may last for an hour. Besides taking tests, you get asked about health history, stress levels, and habits. A doctor may order lab work to gauge your inner workings.

By doing so, they aim to heal the biological root of illnesses.

After taking a look at you, the doctor devises your health plan. Since the emphasis is on education and prevention, expect diet and mental health tips. Complementary therapy like homeopathy or regenerative medicine may also enter the picture.

We at LIVV Natural operate on a naturopathic basis. We prioritize check-ups, regular care, and doctors staying up-to-date with patients. For this reason, our clinic has memberships that allow the finest, most dedicated care.

What are healthcare memberships?

Our healthcare memberships are arrangements that give you access to regular medical services and benefits. They’re exclusive deals that save you money on tests, consultations, and supplements. You get a personal coordinator, routine checks, and more.

Memberships are how we envision the future of healthcare at the global level. Let’s go through everything you gain by purchasing one.

Benefits of naturopathic healthcare memberships

Getting a naturopathic healthcare membership is the first step toward better health. They offer services that address specific medical issues and overall wellness. You can get nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, and stress management guidance from a trained professional.

Our doctors personalize healthcare to your needs. We take your current health, preferences, and goals into account. As a result, our services are more effective. We find and cure the root cause of illnesses for long-lasting relief.

Memberships also let you enjoy the benefits of regular check-ups. You don’t call us only after noticing symptoms. We track your health and perform early interventions to avoid debilitating illness.

Since appointment times are longer, you can rest assured we’ll address everything. Education is a priority, so you’re free to ask any question that comes to mind.

Then we have consistency, which is key to healing. Patient coordinators are the future of healthcare. They track appointments, prescriptions, and lab work, taking the stress off your back.

The final benefit is supreme convenience. You get primary care without insurance hassles, including treatment for illnesses and injuries. There’s direct communication between you and your coordinator, letting you book same or next-day appointments.

Memberships also allow you access to everything else available at LIVV Natural. We may suggest peptide therapies, IV shots, or PRP treatments to deepen your care.

Types of services included

Our CEO, Dr. Jason Phan, offers three annual membership options. All naturopathic plans include the following services:

  • A 60-minute initial appointment
  • 30-minute consultations (6–12, depending on your plan)
  • Discounts on our products and services

Two of the three plans also involve bloodwork, quarterly or bi-annually.

What’s involved in your appointments? Besides diagnostics and natural medicine, our doctors offer these services:

  • Root cause analysis. You come to us with a health issue, and we dig deep to find its cause.
  • Lab testing. We analyze your blood, urine, hormones, and even genes. That’s how we identify deficiencies, imbalances, and similar underlying issues.
  • Follow-up labs. We monitor the changes in your health to track the effectiveness of our treatment plans. Should anything seem amiss, we adjust the strategy.
  • IV therapies. Intravenous treatments deliver nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to your bloodstream.
  • Peptide therapies. We may suggest peptides to support various aspects of health. Common applications include hormonal balance, immunity enhancement, and tissue repair.

Which conditions can we address?

Naturopathy-inspired medicine is the future of healthcare. Its comprehensive analysis and breadth of available treatments make it exhaustive and effective. You can come to us with nearly any condition, and we’ll find you a cure or send you in the right direction.

We have areas of specialty, though. Here are the chief services we provide at the clinic:

  • Hormone replacement therapy. Age and medical condition-related hormone issues can severely decrease your life quality. We offer natural hormone replacement therapy options to stabilize your brain and body.
  • Autoimmune disease treatments. We do long observations to determine what triggered your condition. Then, the physician offers lifestyle suggestions and therapy to balance hormones and strengthen immunity.
  • Anti-aging treatments. Our combination of functional and aesthetic treatments heal your organs, skin included. Achieve a youthful look with our peptide, PRP, and filler restoratives.
  • Chronic disease management. Naturopathic treatments are effective for folks with chronic diseases. We create a plan to address causes or reduce symptoms for a higher-quality lifestyle.
  • Men’s and women’s wellness therapies. Our hormone experts specialize in treatments that address sex hormone-related issues.

These treatments improve your health from the inside out. Plus, naturopathic medicine is safe and doesn’t cause as many side effects as drugs. What more could you ask?

Join today for a better tomorrow

Are you ready to move beyond reactive healthcare that treats symptoms? A naturopathic care membership is your top solution. Get consistent attention from trained physicians for better health from the bottom up.

Memberships are the future of healthcare, made possible via our clinic. Why wait for it to become the norm?

Fill out the wellness questionnaire and join today. Schedule a consultation at LIVV Natural and learn what we can do for you.

Author: Dr. Jason Phan NMD – Founder of LIVV Natural – Anti-aging – regenerative medicine – peptide therapy