Wellness Accountability – 5 Tips from Naturopathic Doctors 

Wellness Accountability – 5 Tips from Naturopathic Doctors


Recognizing the need to improve on our wellness is often the easy part. 

Easy because staying committed to the journey proves difficult for most of us. We know that staying healthy keeps us productive but we still find ourselves derailing from our fitness goals.

So, how can we keep from sabotaging ourselves on our path to wellness? How do we hack ourselves out of that loop?

The primary way to do this is by improving personal accountability. Since we are our chief saboteurs, the solution must equally start with us.

The good news is that once we kick start our accountability process; we also discover a host of external aids to supplement our efforts. Below are methods for enhancing your wellness accountability and the additional tools at your disposal.

1. Consistency

The leading reason why most individuals ultimately quit on their fitness and wellness is a lack of consistency.

By treating this as a journey of convenience rather than necessity, we only put in the effort when the motivation strikes. And the mood is a fickle thing. It is seldom there when we need it.

We set ourselves up for failure if we pursue our health goals only when we ‘feel’ like it.  Instead, we should be keen to observe our wellness regimen diligently at all times.

To combat this, begin to keep yourself accountable by identifying realistic goals and the time you wish to achieve those goals. That will prompt you to take action even on those days when you feel least motivated.

Depending on the loftiness of our goals, it can sometimes feel like we dreamt too big and be tempted to give up altogether. 

However, breaking down the overall goal into smaller bits allows us to take it one step at a time, thereby achieving the overall objective eventually.

Another essential element to remember when trying to stay consistent is to keep track of our progress. That can be done through journaling and maintaining an updated account of actions taken.

To help you maintain realistic and consistent progress, staying knowledgeable also helps. For instance, learn about how alternative medicine contributes to wellness and compliments your other fitness methods.


2. How LIVV keeps you accountable

LIVV Wellness Lounge is a facility that uses advanced health therapies to boost your body’s healing and wellness. These are holistic natural treatments that help your body rejuvenate and reach its optimal state.

They range from ozone therapy, IV treatments, PRP injections, vitamin shots, hormone therapy, among other restorative approaches. 

To always ensure you stay on track, Livv Natural doctors and technicians offer routine checkups and blood work monitoring. 

Blood work provides an important snapshot into your health and may help catch medical conditions early on. 

They can also be used to improve a patient’s cognitive function, libido, mood, and energy levels, maximizing your quality of life.

Some of the basic tests ordered by doctors include: 

  • Complete blood count test that checks for infections, inflammations, and if you’re missing certain micronutrients.
  • Comprehensive metabolic panel looks at the health of your kidneys and liver.
  • Lipid panel tests measure cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  • HbA1c measures average blood sugar levels over a period of 3 months
  • Iron/Ferritin test checks iron levels to identify deficiency, overload or normal levels.
  • Thyroid hormones (TSH) test checks thyroid function.

One of the critical methods that LIVV uses to help its clients stay on course is known as telemedicine. That involves the use of technology to render health services to persons in remote areas. 

With the aid of smartphones and other forms of technology, LIVV  delivers health solutions to you no matter your location. 

Another tool that Livv natural uses to help you stay accountable is through the delivery of health education and administrative health support using its telehealth feature. That includes dispatch of medical advice via video conferencing.

Telehealth facilitates essential medical consultation and remote patient monitoring on routine aspects such as blood pressure, blood sugar, and body temperature. 

Also, through telehealth, you can have your vital medical information shared with your preferred physician or medic located in a different location. 

This sort of infrastructural support is vital in cases where individuals require expert assistance or an expert opinion. It is also crucial in cases where one needs accurate background information when crafting a fitness program. 


3. Lifestyle changes

Lifestyle changes are yet another way to ensure your accountability to your wellness program. That includes maintaining changes in four main areas- diet, physical activity, stress management and rest.


Good dietary habits ensure the proper maintenance of healthy body cells. Some illnesses are also kept at bay by having an organic and well-balanced meal. 

Besides eating the right foods in moderation, a proper diet also demands that you stay properly hydrated. Water consumption helps flush body toxins, improves blood pressure, and minimizes urinary tract infections and the risk of developing kidney stones.


The second significant lifestyle change involves maintaining optimal levels of physical activity. In this regard, having a tailored fitness program and sticking to it is vital. 

Some individuals can stay loyal and consistent in their workout regimen even when exercising solo. 

However, group workouts tend to yield better results compared to individually done programs. 

According to a study conducted by the National Library of Medicine, 95% of people who undertook a weight loss program as part of a group completed it. In comparison, only 76% of solo workouts were completed.

Therefore, being part of a group might help keep your motivation and accountability up. 

That said, if you prefer working out solo, go on and find a form of exercise that you enjoy. It can be anything from biking, running with your dog, hiking, or playing tennis. The most important factor is that you find enjoyment in doing it. 

You can then invest in a fitness app, a planner, or the good old calendar to help you record and track your workouts

Stress management

Managing our stress levels can have a positive impact on our accountability in the wellness programs we undertake. Ordinarily, stress tends to lower our motivation for most things, and fitness programs are no different.

Stress management involves developing methods to identify and handle our stress levels. That includes knowing our stress triggers and managing our reactions to them.

It also involves knowing when to seek help and support in handling stressful situations.


Lastly, part of stress management includes getting sufficient rest. Adequate sleep allows the body to conserve energy, recover and repair its worn-out muscles. 

A well-rested and relaxed body also lowers the risk of incurring injuries while training and amplifies our mental clarity. 

It also means tremendous energy and the ability to keep up with the pursuit of our wellness goals.

4. Patient care coordinators at Livv natural

Livv natural has a dedicated team of qualified health practitioners to help you along the wellness process.

Our care coordinators will evaluate your progress, help you stay on track and act as a liaison between you and your doctor.

In line with helping you stay accountable, the LIVV platform has an efficient monitoring process to give you real-time reminders.

Thanks to an efficient management system, LIVV’s patient care coordinators make sure you are making your appointments and staying true to your treatment plan. 

They are also on hand to remind you about any new technology or supplements you may need. Through it all, they will explain how the different therapies work for the betterment of your body.


5. Stay Well

Accountability is crucial for anyone striving to attain their physical, mental, and emotional wellness goals. 

Start by setting your goals and breaking them down into smaller achievable steps. Journaling your progress is more than just keeping records, you’ll know when you cross milestones which will motivate you to keep going.

Enjoy well-balanced meals, get all recommended blood work to ensure all is well, and explore treatments that naturally rejuvenate your body.

Lastly, identify stress triggers and how to manage them, get sufficient sleep, and work with a care coordinator to help you stay on track.