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Who is Dr. Jason Phan?
Scientific advancements for specialized treatments
Addressing health conditions at ground zero
Injectable treatments for better results
Mixed treatments for full-body regeneration
The future of healthcare: Quicker and more effective

The future of healthcare looks bright, and it might come in a series of shots.

As a society, we find ourselves stepping away from symptom-based disease treatment. With the newest options, covering up signs of illness seems like putting a band-aid on a wound.

Why address disease manifestations when we can treat the biological basis?

Multimodal, full-scale treatments arrive in injection form and support your well-being from the bottom up. That’s the vision our CEO, Dr. Jason Phan, wanted to see come to life when he created LIVV Natural.

Join us to learn about the regenerative medicine of the future. We discuss why and how it works and what conditions it may treat. But first, let’s introduce you to the man who created our clinic.

Who is Dr. Jason Phan?

Jason Phan is a naturopathic doctor and the CEO of LIVV Natural. He’s passionate about alternative treatments and natural medicine. For him, the future of health is in the compounds and processes already inherent to the human body.

Phan received a medical degree in kinesiology at Arizona State University. Then, he got a four-year Naturopathic Doctoral Degree from Bastyr University. It’s a leading institution with nutrition, naturopathy, and alternative medicine programs.

Although not a business expert, Phan started LIVV Natural while studying naturopathy. He wanted to combat stress and maintain wellness in modern-day society. To this day, this idea remains the primary company value.

What differentiates LIVV Natural from competitors is its well-rounded approach.

Phan considers his company a lifestyle brand, not a health clinic. Through it, he wants to alter people’s perspective on well-being. The objective is to make medicine better integrated and mind-and-body-focused.

Dr. Jason Phan had to drop the conventional route. His willingness to take a new approach qualifies him to speak about the future of healthcare.

Let’s see what he has to say and, under his guidance, what we have to offer to our clients.

Scientific advancements for specialized treatments

Like all contemporary innovations, healthcare progress begins with information. Most individuals have a world of information at their fingertips, scientists included.

The quick, streamlined information flow is leading to major medical breakthroughs. And much of it has to do with specificity.

Contemporary scientists are examining the fundamentals of human biology. Combine this knowledge with technology, and we can intervene with diseases before they spread. Think gene therapies, RNA vaccines, and radioligand cancer treatment.

Medications used to be non-specific and symptom-related. Modern ones affect the cell: the base of our entire machinery.

What does specificity mean for health in the future?

We now know how diseases manifest and which early symptoms they present. This data is accessible to most people, allowing rapid diagnostics and better prognosis.

The ability to devise solutions for used-to-be intractable diseases is a big promise. Options like treating errant genes and diseased cell organelles are now a reality.

Advanced diagnostics also became possible with specific science. That’s especially true when we mix it with electronic medical devices and AI.

The final aspect of the future healthcare, and one we love to emphasize, is prevention. We’re becoming proactive rather than reactive, nipping diseases in the bud.

That’s where naturopathy enters the picture.

This system seeks to stop or heal illness without traditional drugs. It’s all about diet, exercise, psychology, and natural compounds that help the body heal.

Addressing health conditions at ground zero

Modern healthcare corrects the biological roots of diseases. This approach involves identifying and addressing their underlying causes. By doing so, it offers more effective, longer-lasting solutions.

Treatment begins with understanding your genetics. Every human is unique on the biochemical level, so analyzing the genome is a must. It helps us develop individualized health plans for total-body well-being.

Next up, we examine your lifestyle and suggest suitable modifications. It’s hard to eat well and avoid stress, but everybody can do a little to make themselves healthier.

Emotional health matters as much as physical health: which is one more aspect of future healthcare. The body responds to mental states, so keeping you happy leaves it healthy.

This well-rounded approach requires analyzing the whole person, not just their symptoms. By doing so, we position prevention as the cornerstone of modern medicine.

The prevalence of preventative care

The awareness of health issues is growing among the public. With it, we notice a rise in screenings and check-ups. Catching diseases early enables better treatment and outcomes.

Education is another relevant factor. Teaching people about healthy lifestyles from an early age empowers them. They grow up into adults that take good care of themselves, making doctors’ work easier.

But some clinics, ourselves included, go a step further.

Prevention is the core principle of naturopathy and personalized therapy. The body’s natural state is healthy. We support it through holistic wellness, beyond the one-size-fits-all paradigm of conventional medicine.

We enable this through thorough questionnaires, custom-created plans, and supplementation. The latter is the most important, as the body has requirements you must meet to make it thrive. And we don’t mean just vitamins and minerals.

We lose proteins, amino acids, and hormones as we age. Why not give ourselves a helping hand and a little boost?

We can do this with a fusion of naturopathy and technology. That’s why we believe injectables are the best way to support your health in the future.

A new way to supplement

Old-school supplements come in powder and pill formats. They go through your digestive system and enter your bloodstream. Their bioavailability can vary with the brand, your gut health, and time of consumption.

The results are visible after several hours, as you must digest the supplement first. Long-term effects usually take weeks to become noticeable.

What if you wanted faster, more visible results? Injectable treatments are your ideal option.

Injectables combine modern medical science and the need for effectiveness. They’re fast-acting and expert-supervised, with reduced risk of side effects. We devise them according to your health report for the best results.

Injectable supplements are the future of healthcare because they encourage balance. Their effects are stabilizing, regenerative, and rejuvenating.

Injectable treatments for better results

At LIVV Natural, we took the idea of effective injectables and ran with it. We devised several therapy models for health maintenance, aesthetics, and healing. We’re always looking for new ways to improve, adding new methods to the list.

Let’s discuss our four main therapies and one that we might integrate in the near future.

Peptide injections

Peptide therapy uses prescription-based, intravenously supplied peptides. It addresses many health conditions and promotes general wellness.

What are peptides, what do they do, and why do people supplement them?

Peptides are short chains of amino acids (2–50). Besides being the building blocks of protein, they act as hormones and signaling. They perform over 7000 known functions in the body, supporting most biological processes.

Each peptide has a unique role, but many cooperate on major tasks. Their primary purposes include:

  • Maintaining regular blood pressure levels
  • Promoting fat loss and muscle growth
  • Enabling healing and recovery
  • Managing libido and sexual functioning
  • Boosting hair growth and skin health

From mental clarity to physical fitness, peptides are essential for optimal functioning. No wonder they play a role in the future of health!

Besides the human body, we can find therapeutic peptides in food items, like meat and legumes. But nutrition alone may not be enough to replenish them as we age.

Peptide injections substitute declining or lost peptides in the body. We derive them from plant and animal sources; they mimic naturally occurring chemicals. Several solutions we offer combine different peptides for maximum effectiveness.

To start peptide therapy, you share your symptoms with our doctors. Together, you determine the best peptide (combination) for your wellness. You order our injectables and administer them according to our instructions.

Since peptides aren’t an instant cure, it may take weeks to see results. They operate in the background to enhance the body’s self-healing capabilities. Since they’re natural, long-term use shouldn’t cause any side effects.

You may repeat the therapy for optimal outcomes. Follow-ups depend on your progress and can include one or several more cycles.

We consider peptides vital for future healthcare due to their deep-seated, full-body effects. Typically, people who undergo this therapy experience the following benefits:

  • Better hormonal balance. Peptides support the production and regulation of hormones. They stabilize the pituitary, thyroid, and adrenal glands. They ease imbalance symptoms, like weight gain, fatigue, pain, mood swings, and dry skin.
  • Fat loss and increased muscle mass. Some peptide injections contain human growth hormone secretagogues. They increase growth hormone production, letting you build up muscle through exercise. Your metabolism speeds up, and you burn excess fat.
  • Strengthened immune system. Peptides may support physical functions that fight illnesses and infections. They also increase your immunoregulatory cell count, making you more disease-resistant.
  • Improved sexual function. Several peptides boost sexual arousal and performance. They might ease dysfunction in males and females, especially due to stress and age.
  • Anti-aging properties. A youthful aesthetic is the face of health in the future, and peptides enable it. They slow down the aging process by building new proteins. Their activities include skin, hair, bone, and organ health.

Do a complete blood panel and talk to a physician before starting at-home peptide therapy. They can determine if you lack essential compounds and which will best support you.

Nutrient injections

Nutrient injections are IV hydration drips loaded with nutrients. They boost energy levels, strengthen your defense mechanisms, and support stress recovery. The synergistic effects of our formulas ensure faster-acting, farther-reaching results.

Dr. Jason Phan himself believes the modern lifestyle lacks proper nutrition. We develop deficiencies due to low food quality and toxins in our surroundings. Fixing them through diet alone requires plenty of time and energy, which many people don’t have.

What’s more, many modern individuals don’t have healthy guts. Even with optimized nutrition, it’s near-impossible to get everything from food alone. That’s why injections work so well. They bypass the digestive system and send nutrients straight to your bloodstream.

While it may be said that organic foods aren’t the future of health, these treatments do the trick. They correct deficiencies and leave your cells satiated and well-performing.

We devised three unique blends to meet different needs:

  • Energizing injections. A combination of B vitamins that aids energy production and food breakdown. It also supports the nervous system, introducing a state of motivation and enthusiasm.
  • Immune-boosting injections. Vitamin C, selenium, and zinc strengthen the body’s defense mechanisms. They make you more resilient to diseases and able to fight them off if you contract any.
  • Reviving injections. Amino acids, taurine, and carnitine decrease fatigue and awaken your body. They help you flush out toxins and recover from stress.

We examine your blood panel and symptoms to see what works best for you.

We offer more than these three options. Our experts can whip up alternative nutrient blends to address your health issues.

Such IV therapies were only used for dehydration or people who couldn’t take drugs orally. But in future healthcare, they’ll be an efficient option for everybody.

The administration is 30–45 minutes long and minimally painful. You feel the effects almost immediately, and there are no gastrointestinal side effects. Depending on the treatment, you might enjoy the boost for up to three weeks.

Vitamin injections

Vitamin injections deliver essential micronutrients directly into the bloodstream. They supply your body with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in less time.

Oral supplements work, but their effectiveness is far from 100%. Their availability is much lower when taken through the digestive system. Even IV administration doesn’t always work. That’s why we inject vitamins intramuscularly.

This administration method needs some time to take hold. Once it does, the vitamins stay in your system for longer. There’s no reason to worry about pain, either: the needles we use are about the size of acupuncture ones.

The immediate effects typically kick in within a few minutes and last 4–5 days, so most people get weekly doses. It’s the future of health: giving yourself what you need at regular intervals.

Depending on the blend, here’s what benefits you may reap from vitamin injections:

  • Enhanced immune system. Nutrition enables optimal functioning; that’s what you get from our shots. Your cells get more capable of fighting viruses and bacteria with a dose of vitamins C and B12.
  • Higher energy levels. Vitamin B complex, iron, and magnesium fend off fatigue and leave you energized. Patients experience mental clarity, better physical performance, and an efficient metabolism.
  • Youthful skin. Vitamin C, zinc, and copper are involved in collagen production. More collagen means a firm, wrinkle-free face and an even complexion. Expect less redness, discoloration, and even puffiness.
  • Better mental health. Vitamins D and B12, magnesium, and selenium improve mental clarity. They may also boost serotonin production for a natural happiness boost. Nutrient deficiencies relate to depression, adding a preventative twist to this approach.

Most vitamin shots keep your body well-nourished and happy. Some go deeper, letting the cells perform their tasks. For example, NAD+ aids energy production by feeding the mitochondria.

Besides injection site bruising and soreness, this treatment is free of side effects. We consider it even less risky than oral supplements, which are easy to overdo.

As we discussed, the future of healthcare lies in specificity and personalization. Injections can contain any vitamin, mineral, antioxidant, and amino acid. Our doctors look at your blood panel and find your shot.

PRP injections

PRP injections stimulate the body’s inherent ability to heal. The abbreviation stands for “platelet-rich plasma.” It’s the key player in future healthcare and aesthetics.

Platelet-rich plasma is a component of blood. It contains platelets, or thrombocytes, which prevent bleeding post-injury. Its secondary ingredients include growth factors and healing compounds. The former stimulates tissue repair, and the latter regulates the immune response.

When administering this treatment, we extract PRP from your own blood. How’s that for the future of healthcare?

We take your blood sample and put it in a centrifuge, a machine that separates its components. Then we infuse it back into problematic or injured areas for rejuvenation. The procedure can be healing or aesthetic via regular injections or microneedling.

Numbness and soreness around the treated area typically last 12–24 hours. Improvements begin slowly, and you feel the benefits within four weeks.

This advanced procedure has various positive effects, including:

  • Reduced inflammation. Inflammation is the body’s response to trauma and infection. It helps you heal, but feels downright uncomfortable. By repairing the area, PRP alleviates this condition.
  • Repaired connective tissue. Joints, ligaments, and tendons can get injured and hurt for months. PRPs speed up recovery, helping you get back to action pain-free.
  • Fewer osteoarthritis symptoms. Osteoarthritis is a condition that happens as your joints wear and tear. PRP strengthens the joints and reduces discomfort.

PRP offers lasting relief on the joints. According to reports, there’s an 85% improvement in 85% of the cases within three treatments. We suggest patients get three sessions with four-week breaks for optimal results.

PRP is the future of healthcare regarding pains and aches of injury and age. It works on the cellular level and pairs well with other treatments. Planned nutrition, movement, and mobility programs boost its activity.

Besides joint health, PRP can be an aesthetic treatment. PRP facials enhance collagen production and moisture levels in the face. They leave your complexion even and free of acne scars. PRP hair treatment restores blood flow in the scalp and might aid hair growth.

Stem cell injections

Stem cell injections repair damaged and injured tissue. They garnered attention due to their potential to adapt to various medical conditions. They also slow age-related tissue deterioration, healing and rejuvenating human cells.

The idea of stem cells being the future of healthcare isn’t new. These structures turn into different types of cells, like nerves, blood, and muscles. Research isn’t sure why they work, but we know they can heal or replace damaged tissue.

We have three types of stem cells: embryonic, adult, and iPCSs:

  • Embryonic stem cells come from embryos in early development. They’re pluripotent, with the ability to produce almost any cell type. Still, we avoid them due to ethical implications.
  • Adult stem cells maintain and repair the tissue in which they reside. They’re multipotent, meaning they can only produce several cell types.
  • iPCSs (induced pluripotent stem cells) are adult cells genetically programmed to resemble embryonic ones. This development allowed us to use pluripotent treatments with no ethical troubles.

Health in the future lies in the third type. It allows us to address a wide variety of health conditions, including:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Alzheimer’s diseases
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Heart disease
  • Severe burns
  • Various cancers

Besides regenerative medicine, we can use stem cells to produce new drugs and tissues. They let us better model, understand, and fight different diseases. They could also be used for creating new organs, reducing reliance on donors.

How does this revolutionary treatment work? It’s simple in practice. Specialists isolate and purify stem cells from a source and inject them into an injured area. We then sit back and let them do their magic.

As time passes, these cells differentiate into those needed for tissue repair. They sometimes also release signaling molecules that encourage the healing process. We follow your progress and repeat if needed. On average, the benefits appear after four weeks to six months.

Stem cells aren’t preventative treatments at the moment, but they might be in the future of health. Currently, we use them at all stages of disease formation and progression. Injections assist you in fighting both the symptoms and the cause.

Mixed treatments for full-body regeneration

As you can see, future healthcare is holistic instead of symptom-based. Good health combines lifestyle choices, natural supplements, and modern therapies.

You start with a healthy lifestyle and work your way from there. A balanced diet, regular exercise, sufficient sleep, and stress management are vital. They reduce the risk of disease and improve wellness.

Complement your well-being with naturopathy. Explore and integrate herbal supplements, acupuncture, and alternative treatments. These approaches may address health concerns and boost natural healing processes.

Finally, you consider injections. They offer targeted regeneration and maintenance that makes your health above average. Qualified professionals like ourselves are best equipped to provide these treatments.

The future of healthcare: Quicker and more effective

The future of healthcare is poised to be a groundbreaking era. Dr. Jason Phan, the visionary behind LIVV Natural, understands and harnesses this potential.

Addressing root causes instead of merely managing symptoms is the way forward. Science enabled specificity and individualization, helping us stop illness rather than fixing it.

Innovative therapies like peptides, nutrients, and PRPs are fast and effective. They target the biological basis of health and restore it in less time, with fewer side effects.

Do any of the treatments we discussed sound right for you? Fill out the wellness questionnaire to give us more information. Our doctors will reach out with a tailored plan to help you live your best life.

Author: Dr. Jason Phan NMD – Founder of LIVV Natural – Anti-aging – regenerative medicine – peptide therapy