In the year 2016, on the date October 12th, our modern day society is changing quite rapidly. Many changes are going to occur at the end of this year.

The United States of America will elect its new president, business laws and taxes will be changed, healthcare and student loans will be altered, and bills will be passed that will change the way we live.

Today, I wanted to talk about your health. I know there are many distractions out there that need our focus and attention, but what about your own body? Do you put time and focus into our own health?

Many individuals go throughout life believing that they are “healthy” by going on this certain diet, or getting on this exercise plan. But do you really know what’s going on inside your body at the metabolic and cellular level?

LIVV Natural Health believes it is essential to help people understand their bodies on the inside and out. To gain knowledge about how their environment (nutrition & lifestyle) effect their bodies physically but also on the cellular level.

LIVV specializes in IV Infusion Therapy which is the administration of high quality vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream for 100% absorption.

These vitamins and minerals replenish the body at the cellular level, providing optimal enzyme and biochemical pathways to run efficiently and effectively. In turn, the individual will have more energy, improved hydration, increased vitality, and best of all optimal health.

Optimal health by definition is superior or excellent cellular function (human biochemistry and physiology), which in turn, leads to increased productivity, improved mental clarity, improved mood, and a glowing personality that you let shine.

IV nutrient therapy is a tool to bring the body to optimal health but one must also progress their physical body with exercise, their mind by obtaining more knowledge, and spirit by having faith in something higher than yourself.

IV Infusion Therapy is a necessary therapeutic treatment in our modern day society because of the toxic world we live in. From the GMO products that are being put on our shelves, to the pesticides that they put on our foods, to the chemicals they put in our water, to the cell phones and electronics by our sides each and every day.

These factors have an effect on our bodies and how they function. The research is still trying to catch up with the technological advances that we are making within our food system and tech bubble. These advances are making our lives easier and easier, but what is the effect on our health and the health of future generations?

In our modern day society, we must do everything we can to obtain optimal health. This will not only improve vitality and quality of life but also produce the most optimal genetics to be passed onto your children.

LIVV has a mission to help support its community in producing highly productive professionals that serve the marketplace. But, most importantly support and raise a healthy vibrant family. With this LIVV community – it will create a movement into a healthier, more prosperous and abundant society. A society that LIVVs A Life Worth Living!

Dr. Jason Phan NMD – Founder & Owner of LIVV Natural Health, a medical clinic that specializes in IV Hydration Therapy, PRP/Prolotherapy Regenerative Injections, and Naturopathic Medical Consults.