NAD+: A Natural Answer to Longevity

NAD+: A Natural Answer to Longevity

NAD+: A Natural Answer to Longevity


Do you suffer from low energy levels, poor mental clarity, and concentration, or diseases such as Lyme Disease or Alzheimer’s disease? 

Did you know that treatment for these conditions doesn’t always lie in a bottle of artificially-made medicine? 

It can also come from your own body.

Say hello to NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), the naturally occurring coenzyme found in literally every cell in your body. 

This critical coenzyme is involved in metabolic processes such as mitochondrial health and cellular energy, ensuring your body functions optimally.

Yet, whether through natural aging or disease, NAD+ levels fall, negatively impacting the processes that rely on it. This results in several health issues including cognitive decline, memory loss, and mood issues.

That’s where NAD+ therapy comes in. 

Administering doses of NAD+ elevates your NAD+ levels, translating into more energy and reversing losses associated with aging.

Before we look at the awesome benefits of NAD+ therapy, let’s look at where it all began.

NAD+ Clinical Research

NAD+ has been shown to play a major role in cellular aging and clinical trials prove that humans tolerate NAD+ supplementation well.


This means that NAD+ may be used to treat a range of age-related conditions including sterile chronic inflammation (inflammaging), and immune decline (immunosenescence). 


It may also help lower blood pressure and arterial stiffness in overweight middle-aged and elderly people, contributing positively to their overall wellbeing


As scientists continue to explore the usefulness of this coenzyme, we can expect to see even more potential health benefits of NAD+.

Benefits of NAD+ Supplementation

Although accumulating evidence demonstrates NAD+’s ability to treat metabolic, neurodegenerative, and cardiovascular conditions, this miracle molecule declines with age.

So, just when do you need it, right?

Decreased NAD+ levels are linked to age-related diseases brought on by less functional metabolism.

When a patient replenishes their NAD+ levels, there is a higher potential for reversing age-related conditions, leading to a better healthspan and lifespan. 

Similarly, NAD+’s role in energy production makes elevating its levels good for treating chronic fatigue, low energy levels, and for improving athletic performance.

Here are some benefits of supplementing NAD+ levels:

  1. Slow Down Aging

NAD+ fuels sirtuins, the genes that protect plants, animals, and humans from deteriorating. 

Whenever our bodies are under physical stress from factors like exercise, the sirtuins are sent over to repair DNA and defend our bodies. 

Without sufficient fuel from NAD+, the sirtuins won’t be able to do their work effectively.

  1. Metabolic disorders

High-fat diets reduce NAD+ levels contributing to weight gain. With excessive weight gain, obesity sets in, and obesity is a common cause of metabolic disorders like diabetes.

NAD+ boosters can help improve the metabolic function in patients who consume unhealthy diets or suffer from obesity, diabetes, or metabolic syndrome.

  1. Neurodegeneration

Aging is almost synonymous with neurodegenerative diseases.

Raising NAD+ levels may combat the buildup of protein in the brain responsible for disrupting cell communication. This helps treat Alzheimer’s disease and improve cognitive function. 

Boosting NAD+ levels may also help keep brain cells from dying during times of insufficient blood flow to a person’s brain.

  1. Heart Function

As we age, arteries lose their elasticity and start to stiffen which contributes to the risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. 

Supplementing NAD+ levels may help improve cardiac functions and protect your heart against abnormal enlargement.

How is NAD+ Administered?

NAD+ supplementation can be administered in multiple ways.

At LIVV Wellness Lounge, the booster is through shots, or as IVs.

Of these options, IV NAD+ has the highest efficiency and effectiveness since the supplement goes directly into the bloodstream.

Once you schedule a consultation, our naturopathic doctors will discuss the most suitable treatment plan based on your present health condition and health goals. 

Are there any side effects?

NAD+ boosters are deemed safe for humans as long as they are used correctly. The IV supplements should only be prescribed and administered by a professional.

The main symptom patients experience is a slight burning in their chest. This normally comes about whenever NAD+ is pushed in too quickly. Using a slower IV drip mitigates these sensations.

Pregnant and lactating moms may want to avoid the boosters since there is no sufficient evidence to prove their safety in such circumstances.

Boosting Your NAD+ Levels at LIVV Wellness Lounge

If you want to increase your energy levels or combat the effects of aging, an NAD+ therapy  can help you achieve your goals.

Our patients notice significant improvement with NAD+ therapy. Patients have reported decreased cravings, greater mental clarity, higher energy, and feeling more like their normal selves.

Book an appointment with us today and get on the journey to improving your health naturally.