Hangovers get worse and worse as we age! When we drink as an 21 year old college student, we feel indestructible and can be productive hours after drinking. When we are 30 years old, we can barely move off the couch or even open our eyes the next morning.

The morning after a long night of dancing and partying can be rough sometimes, but we have found the ultimate cure! IV Nutrient Therapy. Here are some key reasons why IV Vitamin Therapy is effective in curing your hangover.

Here are the 5 truths about how IV Vitamin Therapy can “Cure” your Hangover

1. Improved Detoxification (Liver)

IV Vitamin Therapy supports liver health by nourishing all the enzymes and cofactors the liver needs to process alcohol and toxin build-up after a long night of drinking.

Vitamins that support liver function include: glutathione, NAC, L-carnitine, and vitamin C. These act to bind up oxidative free radicals and excrete out of the body.

2. Improved Breakdown of Acetaldehyde (Alcohol = Ethanol)

Alcoholic beverages are usually combined with tasty sugary mixers to mask the pungent taste of alcohol. Alcohol is a toxic substance to the body that must be broken down into a substance called acetaldehyde and excreted out of the body. The build up of acetaldehyde is the chemical involved in feeling “hungover” the morning after a night of drinking.

Supporting liver, gut, and kidney function is important in minimizing the effects of alcohol. Some vitamins that are beneficial are glycine, glutathione, magnesium, B2, and B6.

3. Improved Hydration

The well known notion of why individuals get “hungover” is that they are dehydrated. Alcohol consumption in combination will those tasty beverages depletes water stores in the body by decreasing a substance called vasopressin. This acts to reabsorb water back into the bloodstream to keep you hydrated. The decrease of vasopressin, leaves you hungover and dry.

IV Vitamin Therapy consists of normal saline with the addition of many vitamins and minerals. The normal saline contains the essential electrolytes the body needs for rapid rehydration. To further support rehydration, adding essential cellular vitamins is beneficial, such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

4. Improved Circulation (Headache)  

Adequate circulation is necessary for the body to perform optimally. Our blood supplies every cell and organ in the body.

IV Nutrient Therapy supplies hydration to our cells through the introduction of normal saline (electrolytes) to replenish the body.

5. Improved Energy (Mitochondria) 

Mitochondria are the powerhouse to our cellular function, which gives us energy production and optimal function. Mitochondria feed off vitamins and minerals that IV Vitamin Therapy provides directly into the bloodstream.

Some key nutrients for mitochondrial health include glutathione, selenium, carnitine, and CoQ10.

Just wanted to provide some key points to educate you why it is important to receive IV nutrient therapy after a night out. Oxidative stress and just stress in general deteriorates our cellular health with causes aging and poor health. We must take care of our bodies!

New technology and medical advances are being established to provide optimal health and vitality. Our vision of LIVV is to prolong life, improve vitality, improve your quality of life, and essentially create a community of healthy individuals that will change the world with their creative ideas and passionate souls.

We understand the modern day society and the way it operates. A night out with your partner or out with a group of friends – its nourishing to the soul. Just make sure you drink responsibly and LIVV responsibly. Pre-Order your IV Nutrient Therapy Today!

Dr. Jason Phan NMD – Founder & Owner of LIVV Natural Health, a medical clinic that specializes in IV Hydration Therapy, PRP/Prolotherapy Regenerative Injections, and Naturopathic Medical Consults.