Four IV Treatments Your Body Will Thank You For

Four IV Treatments Your Body Will Thank You For


Are you experiencing low energy levels, hangovers, or poor mental clarity?

Perhaps you want to get more out of your workouts, or ward off colds and flu?

Maybe you can’t seem to keep anything down now that you’re recovering from illness or surgery? 

IV therapy is an excellent way to hydrate and provide your body with the essential nutrients it needs to perform optimally. 

This minimally invasive procedure introduces nutrients directly to your veins facilitating faster absorption and allowing you to experience the positive effects quicker. With your body performing better, you enjoy a higher quality of life.

Let’s look at four IV therapies that may help enhance your quality of living, so you can get back to doing what you love.

Immune IV Therapy

The world we live in is surrounded by busy schedules, stress and anxiety, recreational drugs or medication, global diseases and disorders, you name it. 

All of this (and more!) keeps your immune system permanently in war mode and takes a toll on your health.

If you don’t step up your immune system, it can become compromised, leaving you to deal with one infection after the other.

While rest, a good diet, and exercise can help boost your immunity, the results often take longer to manifest, leaving you exposed until then. 

Our immune IV therapy package supports your immune system by supplying the nutrients it needs to stay robust and fight off diseases. 

It strengthens the immune system, helps patients recover faster, and promotes the healing of wounds.

Immune IV also provides protection against colds, flu, and other viral infections, increases energy levels, and prevents mineral deficiency.

Who may benefit from immune IV?

We say everyone, since your body is receiving the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants it derives from healthy foods, only faster.

The therapy is particularly useful for:

  • People living with chronic conditions, stress, and anxiety
  • Those recovering from surgery or illnesses
  • Anyone whose hectic schedules keep them from meeting their nutritional requirement
  • If you have digestive issues that prevent your body from metabolizing nutrients.

Energy IV Therapy

Do you reach for an energy drink or coffee to boost diminishing energy levels? 

Whether you’ve just completed a round of rigorous exercise, deal with a frenzied schedule, or simply feel worn out, you could use an energy boost, right?

Many sports and energy drinks give you a high only to leave you in the dumps shortly after. Plus, they contain coloring and artificial colors that your body doesn’t need. 

An energy IV, on the other hand, delivers balanced hydrating fluids and essential nutrients to improve energy, mental clarity, and productivity. 

The infusion is formulated for natural energy that lasts all day and night, so you can accomplish your mental and physical goals.

Patients report glowing healthy skin, restful sleep, and a higher motivation to handle everyday tasks.

With an increased sense of happiness and wellbeing, they feel better equipped to handle stress and other life issues.

People who may benefit from energy IV therapy include:

  • Athletes and anyone who engages in rigorous training
  • Those feeling run down and unrested even after resting or sleeping
  • Anyone looking for long-lasting energy without turning to energy drinks or caffeine
  • Patients recovering from illness or surgery

Revive IV Therapy

Had one too many last night and woke up with the hangover of the year? 

You could try sleeping it off, but if you have an early morning, a pounding headache, nausea, and churning stomach, you may want to try something more effective.

Rather than go through your day unproductively, why not give revive IV therapy a try?

The infusion combines hydrating fluids, nutrients, and anti-nausea medication to get you back in the game in 15 minutes to an hour. You can pop into our clinic, get your IV, and head off to work in good time.

Revive IV helps your liver break down alcohol and eradicate toxins from your body. This combats the effects of the alcohol and calms your stomach. 

The blend also boosts your energy levels, taking away feelings of lethargy, and improves cognitive function to help you focus on the tasks before you.

Enjoy life and work with our Revive IV therapy.

IV NAD+ Therapy

For many people, the battle against low energy, poor mental clarity, and diseases like Alzheimer’s or Lyme Disease ends up with a bottle of pills.

They silently wonder if there is more to life other than walking around with a packet of meds. The answer may surprise you.

Our bodies have fantastically complex compounds that keep us functioning properly and prevent premature aging. 

As we grow older, these organic compounds diminish, leaving us susceptible to health issues like cognitive decline, metabolic disorders, heart function, and aging.

But thanks to modern science, these critical compounds can be replicated and our bodies replenished, allowing us to enjoy longer and healthier lifespans.

People who use IV NAD+ therapy enjoy a ton of benefits including:

  • Elevated energy levels that help fight chronic fatigue and keep you productive
  • Slowed down aging process resulting from cell repair
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Better cognitive performance
  • Metabolic boost that may result in weight loss
  • Ability to wean off opiates and other medication
  • Improved cardiac functions 

IV Therapy by LIVV Natural

IV treatments are loaded with nutrients that boost energy and keep your body in prime condition so you can live, work, and play.

At LIVV Natural Health, we specialize in advanced therapies that boost health naturally. 

Our medical team is highly trained to provide IV therapy as you enjoy maximized comfort in our spacious and well-equipped IV lounge.

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